Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Grace’s application for his direct department is obviously not dead to her?

“Very well, at ten o’clock in the morning, remember to report to the Human Resources Department of Media Asia Headquarters. I will definitely let the interviewer of the Human Resources Department welcome you here.” Jacob gritted his teeth and emphasized the “Grand” two word.

Grace could feel the invincible contempt of the chief executive towards her through the screen of her mobile phone. “Thank you, Zhan Ye!” Even though she was scared to death, she still showed the momentum of losing.

After hanging up the phone, Grace put on a delicate and elegant makeup for herself.

Although she has a light makeup, her white porcelain-like skin, soft facial features, and a little powder make her look very noble. In addition, she was holding a tall ball head and changing into a light purple high-end lace fishtail skirt, instantly reborn, as beautiful as a fairy on earth.

Faith took out Mommy’s white mk bag, and said in a sweet voice, “Mommy, this bag is very suitable for your makeup today. Mommy took the fairy route today, so beautiful.”

Grace collapsed and kissed Faith. Then she blinked playfully at Faith, “Do you think Mommy is like a cleaner?”

Jacob said that she was only qualified to apply for Media Asia’s cleaners, so she would show him, she didn’t follow the route of cleaners.

Jason is a little worried. Daddy’s Media Asia company, the gold standard for recruitment is “the capable, the average, the mediocre”. Although Mummy is very beautiful, she just doesn’t know whether her skills will be favored by Daddy. ?

“Mommy, you should go now.” Jason was afraid that Mommy would be late, and being late is a taboo of Media Asia. So remind Grace.

Grace looked at her watch, it was still early. “I will send you to kindergarten first.”

Jason refused with a stern tone, “No. You go to the interview.”

Grace was shocked, “Derek” seemed to care about her job. Grace walked over and rubbed the head of “Derek” and asked, “Derek, do you really want Mommy to work in Media Asia?”

“Derek” nodded like smashing garlic. Of course he hoped Mommy would go to work in Media Asia, because only in this way, Mommy and Daddy would still have a chance to meet. This is the wish he and Derek share.

Grace nodded, although I don’t know why her son had such a strange idea, but vaguely felt that her son has grown up and is sensible, so I hope she can return to the workplace she likes.

“Mummy will definitely not let you down.” Grace smiled.

When Grace rushed to the Human Resources Department of Media Asia, the hour hand had just reached ten o’clock.

Several interviewers in the office had been waiting for her. When Grace opened the door and walked in, the interviewers’ eyes lit up.

The fairy descends to the earth, the breeze is coming!

This is their first impression of Grace.

Grace walked to the interviewers gracefully and calmly, with a confident smile on Xiuli’s face. “Hello, fellow judges.”

Standard Mandarin, tuned like an announcer.

The interviewer looked at each other. Why is this applicant different from what the CEO said?

Doesn’t it mean that she has low education, crude behavior, and ignorance?

“Name.” An examiner suspected that Grace had gone to the wrong place, and asked.

“Grace.” Grace replied in her rounded Mandarin.

“What position do you apply for?”

“Network security maintenance.”

The interviewer pointed to the computer next to him, “Miss Luo, this is the question that our president personally asked for you. If you can successfully enter Media Asia’s webpage and successfully invade any computer in the headquarters, even if you pass the test.”

Grace walked to the computer and began to work.

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