Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Jacob looked down on her too much.

With so many computers in Media Asia headquarters, the computers on the service desk downstairs do not have a solid defense system at all. Such equipment can be easily captured by Faith in her family.

Since she looked down on her, she gave him some color to see.


Jacob was in a meeting, his computer was connected to the big screen, and when he was talking vividly, the big screen suddenly went black.

“What’s the matter?” All the senior management of Media Asia are present here. This kind of failure is not a big deal, but it is particularly unusual in Media Asia. So the senior officials immediately became vigilant.

Guan Xiao was even more scared and sweaty. Media Asia was attacked by hackers. This is the second time this month. The chief executive almost scraped his skin last time. This time I am afraid he will be thrown into the pan.

“President, I’ll check it right away!” Guan Xiao said tremblingly.

Jacob’s gaze shifted to his personal computer. The black screen suddenly appeared a bright spot, which seemed to float from the distant sky, and suddenly burst when it came to him, just like exploding the vast expanse of stars. Space. Thousands of stars flickered, and finally condensed into a few lines of poetry:

You come, I go!

I come, you go!

I have to guard you from a distance…

Jacob frowned, “Guan Xiao, check the hacker’s ip immediately!”

As soon as the voice fell, the hacker master of Media Asia stood up and said, “President, I have found the ip address of the hacker and it is downstairs.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s faces were ashamed.

Guan Xiao sneered, “Interesting, this man is daring enough! Who borrowed her courage to compromise the president’s computer? Oh, let’s not say that the president’s computer was compromised, but he dared to run to Media Asia to run wild? sacred?”

Guan Xiao rolled his sleeves aggressively while walking out.

Jacob seemed to have thought of something, and there was an incredible expression in his eyes.

My eyes locked tightly on the computer screen, the next moment, those few abstract hazy poems switched to the font of Zhang Ya Wu Claw, and the content slowly evolved, even more arrogant than the font of that tooth dance claw.

“Master War, I’m here.”

Jacob turned off the laptop with a snap, turned and walked out the door.

Downstairs, the Human Resources Department.

When several interviewers saw Grace compromised the CEO’s computer, they were frightened. “Auntie, how can you attack the president’s computer? This is over. The president is in a meeting and you have caused a big disaster.”

Grace heard that the president was in a meeting and saw the faces of several interviewers scared to death. She smiled and said, “Didn’t he say it himself, the computers in the headquarters are just black…”

When Jacob entered, he heard the woman’s innocent voice.

The arrival of the chief executive instantly dropped the air pressure in the office below freezing.

The interviewers kept wiping the cold sweat from their foreheads.

They squeezed a lot of sweat for Grace, who dare to hack the CEO’s computer, she is really not afraid of death!

Jacob’s gaze fell on the computer in front of Grace, and an incredible expression appeared on his handsome face, “Really you?”

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