Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Grace nodded, “It’s me.” Raising her face, she smiled at him triumphantly.

“Very good.” Jacob’s lips curled up with an unclear smile, “Come with me.”

When Grace left with the president, he heard the interviewer praying for her with a compassionate look, “Miss, please be your blessing!”

Grace couldn’t help feeling regretful. Although the chief executive had something to say beforehand, she could hack any computer in the headquarters, but doesn’t it mean he doesn’t trouble her?

After Jacob took Grace to his private office, he sat on the luxurious and elegant black leather sofa, raised a pair of sharp eagle pupils, and looked at the woman with low eyebrows in front of him.

Grace’s makeup today is fresh and refined, pure and agile, and also reveals a bit of elegance, which made Jacob feel absent for a moment.

Unexpectedly, this soil bun woman dressed up seriously… still very pleasing to the eye.

Grace looked at Jacob, not knowing what bad water he was brewing.

It’s better than her to preemptively, “Zhang Ye, they said, I can hack any computer in the headquarters? I don’t know you are in a meeting, and those who don’t know are not guilty. Can’t you blame me?”

Jacob straightened his back, he was a person with strong principles, and he valued the promise of credit. Although he was very unhappy with this result, Grace’s ability gave him no reason to refuse.

Jacob handed the position table card on the desk to Grace, “You can choose the position above.”

Grace seemed to have won five million in the lottery ticket, and was so shocked that she forgot to reach out and pick it up.

Jacob held it for a long time and threw the card on the table. For her, he seemed to have no patience at all.

Grace recovered, picked up the position table on the card and looked seriously. When she saw the position of assistant to the president, she looked at the man opposite with a guilty conscience.

The helpless and poor face of Jason played back in her mind scene by scene. If she could be his assistant, she would have more opportunities to get close to Jason.

But she didn’t know how much Jacob hated her.

She grabbed the card and fell into entanglement.

This father and son, she can only complete one person after all, right?

“I choose it.” Grace pointed to the position of assistant to the president, gritted her teeth and gave it up.

The gaze of Jacob Eagle Falcon drifted under Grace’s slender fingers, and when he saw the words “Assistant to the President”, his good face disappeared.

“Why do you think you are qualified for this position?” Jacob said coldly.

Grace heard his contempt for her, but could only answer it as an interviewer’s examination question. “I think I surpass ordinary people’s hacking skills and overall management ability, enough for the position of assistant president.”

Jacob looked at Grace’s clear and transparent eyes. Although she loved to lie, her eyes flickered when she lied, and her face was guilty, but when she talked about work, the self-confidence that permeated her eyes was very eye-catching.

He was a little confused. Where did she learn her excellent career skills?

“I want to know your work experience these years.” Jacob said quietly.

However, Grace had no reason to refuse. She should provide her resume when applying for the job. It is normal for the president to know her resume.

It’s just this question that puzzled Grace.

She lowered her head and muttered embarrassedly, “I have no work experience.”

What she said was the truth, her hacking skills were still memories left to her by Irene in her previous life. Irene is the top student in the network security maintenance major of the first university. After giving her this ability too much, she did not rely on this ability to seek a job in a large company.

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