Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


This sentence made the Mr. Bai and everyone around him stay.



In an instant, everyone around was in an uproar, looking at Shaun one by one, as if they were looking at a madman.

This is a position that allows him to enter the group and become the chief consultant. How many professionals are in sight!

And this guy is useless in his own right, completely useless, he dared to refuse the Mr. Bai, this is pure madness.

Yang Meifeng was ecstatic!


In her eyes, Shaun is definitely an idiot:

“Dad! Did you hear that? Even if you kindly promote this trash, but trash is trash, dog meat cannot be served on the banquet!”

“He rejected you again, which is to challenge your prestige. You quickly order to drive him out! Drive them out of our Bai family!”

The corners of Yang Meifeng’s mouth had a vicious smile.

It’s just that the Mr. Bai didn’t seem to hear it at all.

He stared at Shaun, and then asked in a deep voice:

“Let’s talk! What on earth do you want? Only then agreed to be the chief technical consultant!”

Before coming!

Mr. Bai has already asked Tang Elder, if there is no Shaun’s participation, even if there is a prescription in hand, but the development method is not complete, and it is still impossible to make a resurrection pill!

This is definitely something that the Mr. Bai cannot tolerate.

“It’s very simple!” Shaun smiled slightly, then pointed at Yang Meifeng’s family:

“They came to the door and humiliated my mother! I want to drive their whole family out of the Bai clan!!!”


As soon as he said this, there was an uproar in the entire hall.

Erye Shirakawa, Baiyan and others, all face as gray as death.

And Yang Meifeng, as if hearing the funniest joke in the world, screamed at Shaun and sarcastically said:

“Little beast, you are dreaming! Through out our family? Are you afraid that your head was kicked by a donkey?”

“My husband, Shirakawa, is the third head of the group, second only to the Mr. Bai and the uncle! My daughter Bai Yan is now the group manager! My son-in-law Ma Zhitao, the company is closely related to the Bai Group!”

“Kick us away? What are you!”

Yang Meifeng sneered!

Only at this moment, she suddenly realized that the atmosphere was not right.

Because all around, whether it is the uncle Haibai, the father and son Harper, or the high-level figures of the Bai group, they all look at themselves one by one, as if they are looking at another fool.


Everyone’s eyes made Yang Meifeng’s eyelids twitch.

A bad premonition suddenly appeared in my heart.


The words of Mr. Bai instantly plunged her into the abyss:

“From today! Baichuan and Bai Yan resign all affairs within the group, and all are dismissed! Bai Group, stop all business dealings with Ma Zhitao’s company!”

“The Baichuan family, drive out from the Bai family!”

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