Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

The Shirakawa family, drive out the Bais!

When Mr. Bai’s words fell, it was like a bolt from the blue for Yang Meifeng’s family!

Let Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao be ashamed!

How… how could this be?

The two of them looked dull and looked at Shaun as if they had seen a ghost. They didn’t believe it. Shaun’s words to drive her family out of the Bai family turned out to be a reality!

“No! Dad! Why? What kind of Ecstasy did Shaun give you! Is it because of this little beast’s words, you are so heartless and drive our family away?”

“I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it!”

Yang Meifeng’s hair was disheveled, her eyes were flushed, and she was almost crazy.

Just heard this!

Mr. Bai’s mouth twitched slightly, but she turned angrily back and laughed:


“Because Shaun wrote the prescription for the Resurrection Pill, and the Resurrection Pill is the only way to cure AS pneumonia! With the Resurrection Pill, it is equivalent to having everything! Only Shaun can help our Bai Group become a pharmaceutical industry leader!”

After saying this, Mr. Bai no longer wanted to look at Yang Meifeng and the others, turned around and hurried away with someone!

After Mr. Bai is gone!

Inside the hall, he was plunged into a deep depression.

Shirakawa almost vomited blood with anger!

He couldn’t even dream of it. He originally planned to drive away the youngest family today, but in the end he was driven away as his own family!

Thought of this!

Shirakawa furiously attacked his heart, and slapped Bai Yan’s face with a slap:

“b!tch, what a good thing you did!”

Bai Yan was directly knocked to the ground by a slap.

On her pale face, a bright red palm print appeared, and her whole body was lost, as if stupid.

And see this scene!

Yang Meifeng was even more crazy, and shouted at Shirakawa:

“Shirakawa, are you crazy? You don’t have the ability to beat my daughter?”


Shirakawa gritted his teeth with anger:

“If it weren’t for this sl*t, where would these things happen, she let the old man know the resurrection pills!”

“And you!”

Snapped! ! !

Shirakawa slapped Yang Meifeng to the ground again:

“You b!tch, if it weren’t for your humiliation, how could our family be evicted from the house! b!tch! You mother and daughter are all b!tches!”

After speaking, Shirakawa left with a grunt.

Until this moment!

Yang Meifeng understood thoroughly.

It was her daughter who helped Elvira’s family and reversed the situation!

It’s me who killed the family and was kicked out of the house!

Thinking of this, Yang Meifeng was ashamed and embarrassed, she didn’t have the face to stay here, she quickly pulled Bai Yan and Ma Zhitao, and left dingy.

And when everyone leaves!

In the hall, only the Elvira family remained!

The gazes of Elvira, Paula, and Bai Shan all looked at Shaun, as if they were looking at a monster.

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