Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Jacob narrowed his eyes, thinking about the mystery of Grace.

A few years ago, he had asked her to be investigated. Her low academic qualifications will not be false, and her major in college was literature and journalism. It is completely unreliable with network security.

So how did she learn this extraordinary hacking technique?

Grace realized that if she didn’t give him a clear reply, Jacob’s curiosity about her would not end. If he investigates her out of curiosity, he may find Derek and Faith, then wouldn’t she be worth the loss?

“I taught myself.” Grace said suddenly.

Jacob’s eyes became unbelievable when he looked at her. “Self taught?”

A student from a third-rate college with mediocre qualifications can teach herself hacker skills and hack his computer?

Could it be that she is a hidden partial subject genius?

Jacob stared into Grace’s eyes, her long and curled eyelashes trembling gently. Is he sure that she lied again?

“Remember to come to work on time next Monday.” Jacob finally spoke after a long silence.

He suddenly had such a slight interest in this woman.

Grace breathed a sigh of relief.

At the end of the interview, Grace did not stay and left Media Asia for the first time.

Jacob turned on the monitor, his eyes locked on the monitor screen, looking at Grace’s elegant and calm back, the doubts in his eyes were even worse.

Was it because he had never looked at her well before, or was she returning from a cocoon and becoming a butterfly?

How does it feel that she is different from what he once thought?


At the gate of Media Asia, Derek sat on the leather sofa in the waiting hall. Because of nervousness, he kept rubbing his little hands, and looked at the direction of the elevator from time to time.

Knowing that Mommy was about to apply for the job, he couldn’t wait to see her. He will be able to see his mommy later, but if he sees mommy under the identity of Jason, he has to pretend to be deep and cold, otherwise the smart and careful mommy will recognize him.

Grace walked out of the elevator, and Derek rushed towards Mommy like a soft bomb. He hasn’t seen Mommy for two days. I miss mommy so much.

Derek held Grace’s head tightly. He has a lot of things to say to Mommy, but he dare not say a lot for fear of revealing things.

Grace ecstatically hugged Derek tightly.

“Derek,” Grace asked his little cheek in the next moment, “Why are you here?”

Derek was dumbfounded. It turned out that Mommy had already recognized him? But how did she recognize him?

Jacob saw “Jason” meeting Grace on the monitor, and walked out of the office with a sullen face.

“War Sui!”

Just when Grace was about to leave with Derek, Jacob suddenly appeared in front of them.

Grace’s face turned pale, and Lieutenant General Derek guarded her behind him.

She has already given Jason to him, there is no reason to give Derek to him again?

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