Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Jacob’s eyes tightened, and Grace guarding “Jason” looked like a hen protecting a chick.

This made him inexplicable. Jason is his son. What qualifications does she have to snatch someone from him?

“Jason, come here.” Jacob stretched out his hand and tried to take “Jason” away.

Derek bowed his head, which was embarrassing to him.

It stands to reason that his current status is “War Sui” and should go with Daddy.

But Mommy recognized him as Derek, and Mommy would never let him be snatched away by Daddy. Daddy and Mommy are fighting for him, what can he do?

Grace held Derek tightly in her arms, with no intention of letting others go.

She was afraid that if Derek was brought back to the Zhan Family by Jacob, he would discover the fact that he had two sons.

At that time, he will not only occupy Jason, but also take Derek, then she will lose two sons.

This result is absolutely unacceptable to her.

“Jason?” A look of confusion appeared in Jacob’s eyes.

Even if Jason had a good impression of Grace, he wouldn’t even want his father?

Besides, didn’t Jason still not know the fact that Grace is his mother? He has no reason to rely on Grace so much!

Derek looked at Daddy’s increasingly icy eyes, and then looked at Mommy’s shiny eyes. He was a filial baby and didn’t want Daddy and Mommy to make trouble for fighting him.

Derek simply got out of Mommy’s arms, clutching her belly and lied, “Oh, my stomach hurts so much, I want to go to the bathroom.”

Then he ran towards the bathroom with his short legs.

Grace was worried about Derek, and wanted to follow up and have a look, but Jacob took a long leg and stood in front of her. Coldly said, “He goes into the men’s room, and you go too?”

Grace was speechless by his choking.

“Am I waiting for him outside the toilet?” Grace whispered.

Jacob gritted his teeth, “He is my son, Grace, you are no longer my nanny, you have no right or obligation to intervene in Jason’s affairs.”

“But he…” Grace raised her eyes, she wanted to say that this was her cold treasure, not his war suicide. But she didn’t have the courage to expose the truth.

Under Jacob’s death gaze, Grace was defeated.

Jacob walked in the direction of the bathroom.

Derek came out of the bathroom and was caught by Jacob. Holding his small hand with his big hand, he walked straight upstairs.

Grace was dazed in place, helplessness in her eyes.

When Derek looked back, he saw Mommy’s little pitiful appearance, and Derek felt very sad.

After Jacob threw Derek into his office, he asked Guan Xiao to take care of the children, and he rushed to hold the remaining meetings.

Guan Xiao had a hundred reluctances in his heart, but he had no guts to resist the command of the chief executive.

Just like this, sitting in front of the “little devil” with a nervous heart.

Derek blinked and looked at Guan Xiao with harmless eyes of humans and animals. He had to get rid of this stunned Uncle Qing, because he was really worried about Mommy, he was going to see Mommy.

“Uncle, if Daddy finds that I am missing when he comes back, how will he punish you?” Derek held his face and chatted with Guan Xiao cutely.

“If you disappear, Young Master, your daddy will also let me disappear from this earth.” Guan Xiao stared at Derek sadly. Don’t dare to be careless, for fear that this little ancestor will evaporate out of thin air.

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