Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

“Then if you disappear, how will Daddy punish me?” Derek asked in turn.

Guan Xiao was taken aback, “If I disappeared, the CEO should ignore this fact?”

Derek blinked shrewdly, “Oh, so it’s better to let you disappear.”

Guan Xiao looked at Derek suspiciously, “Hey, does today’s sun come from the west? Why do I always feel that Young Master, you are a little different today?”

Derek stood up from the sofa and stretched his arms as he walked towards Guan Xiao. A fascinating smile appeared on his face.

“Uncle, do you think I talk a lot today?”

“Not only is there a lot of talk, but Young Master, your expression today, you also have a lot of movements.” Guan Xiao said.

Derek walked up to him, “Uncle raised his hand, and there are other surprises!”

Guan Xiao also raised his hand, and Derek suddenly pulled off his tie and tied Guan Xiao’s hands behind his neck.

“Little Master, what are you doing?”

“Don’t be afraid, uncle. I’ll play a game with you.” Derek took out some twine from the office and tied Guan Xiao like a zongzi.

“Jason, what are you going to do?”

“Uncle, we are playing a simulated escape room game. I will give you half an hour, and you have to find a way to untie the rope within half an hour. Tell me, can you do it?”

Guan Xiao nodded while looking at the innocent face of “Jason” that day. “Uncle must be able.”

Derek found another roll of tape, and Guan Xiao was a little bit embarrassed when he saw that the situation was not good.

Derek said, “Since it is a simulation game, I have to make a full set.” Then he unceremoniously stuck Guan Xiao’s mouth.

Derek dragged Guan Xiao to the back of the sofa. Raising his wrist and looking at his watch, he acted, “It’s ten and fifty, and the time starts.”

After he was done, Derek secretly opened the office door and went out.

Guan Xiao was tied into a zongzi by “Jason”, unable to move his hands and feet, so he could only be anxious. The sound insulation effect of Media Asia Building is particularly good. No one noticed the movement of Guan Xiao leaning on the ground.

Twenty minutes later!

After Jacob returned to the office after the meeting, he opened the door and saw Guan Xiao creeping in the middle of the floor, Jacob was startled.

The bodyguard behind him immediately went forward and tore off the tape for Guan Xiao.

“President…” Guan Xiao said weakly.

Jacob’s eagle-eyed gaze swept across every corner of the office. He didn’t see Jason, and he had a bad premonition, “Where is Jason?”

Guan Xiao had a hard time saying that he was angry with the little devil of “Jason” and did not dare to declare. Just bitterly said, “President, the young master wants to play a simulated room escape game with me. He tied me into a zongzi and ran away!”

Jacob immediately turned on the computer monitoring and saw from the monitor that “Jason” ran all the way to the gate of Huanya.

Realizing that “Jason” is chasing Grace, Jacob’s psychology is not in every way.

“I can’t even look at a child, so what’s the use of keeping you?”

Guan Xiao, who had regained his freedom, sat on the ground with his head drooped. Only now did he understand that the young master had played with him, and defended himself with a frustrated expression, “President, the young master planned to escape.”

“Shut up.” Jacob said in a bad mood.

Guan Xiao is really dumb and eats coptis, there is hardship to tell!

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