Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

“You hit me?”

Xu Yanhong clutched her cheek, her face full of astonishment and disbelief. After reacting, she seemed to be mad, and she went up to tear her husband Huang Tao:

“The surname is Huang! My old lady fights with you! Why am I fooling around? It’s not that you are a trash!”

“You are so incompetent, you can’t satisfy me, I obviously find someone for satisfaction!”

The two fight together.

After fighting for several minutes, the two of them were completely tired, and then they stopped.

“Okay! Let’s talk about this later, quickly tidy up the clothes, the old designer Yang will be here soon!” Xu Yanhong said to Huang Tao while tidying up her clothes and turning over her makeup.

In fact, she was fooling around outside, and her husband kept one eye closed.

Only today, when Shaun said it, Huang Tao turned into anger.

Thinking of this, Xu Yanhong hated Shaun and Elvira even more.

On the other side, Huang Tao began to organize his clothes like a frosted eggplant.

Even if he always knew that he was wearing a green hat, he did not want to divorce!

after all!

Now his company is controlled by Xu Yanhong. Without Xu Yanhong, he will lose a lot of money.

Especially this time.

Their company, but spent sky-high prices, invited Mr. Yang Lao, one of China’s top four fashion designers.

There must be no mistakes, otherwise the sky-high cost will be overwhelming.

At the moment, the two are waiting quietly with great understanding.

At this moment!

Xu Yanhong was surprised to find that black cars were coming from the road in front of the mall.

The car stopped on both sides of the road, and then came down one after another black-clothed men and began to clear the field!

“What’s the matter? Cleared the venue? Is there someone coming?”

Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao looked at each other.

It’s more than that!

From inside the mall, a fat man ran out with a group of elites in suits and leather shoes.

And that fat man turned out to be Wu Guangrong, the owner of Best Shopping Mall!

At this moment, Wu Guangrong was like a frightened rabbit, his forehead was ticking, sweat was constantly flowing.

He led a group of people and kept looking towards the end of the road!

As if waiting for someone to arrive.

Nervous and perturbed!

“Who is it? Can Wu Guangrong come to meet him in person?” Xu Yanhong and her husband were shocked.

They know it!

Wu Guangrong is also the number one person in Jiangshi, even if Tianlong Xu comes in person, it is impossible to go out to meet him.

But now!


In the shocking eyes of Xu Yanhong and her husband.

At the end of the road, one after another Rolls Royce was driving over.

And on the license plate label, there are actually provincial license plates.

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