Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

After Derek ran out of Media Asia, he immediately called Jason with his phone watch, and explained to him Jason from the beginning to the end of the situation in which Daddy and Mommy competed for him.

After speaking, he anxiously solicited Jason’s opinion, “Jason, what do you think I should do now? Mommy seems to recognize me, she must think I was taken over by Daddy, Mommy will be very sad of.”

Jason thought for a while and said, “Change it back.”

Derek realized Jason’s meaning after half a day, “Do you mean that the two of us exchanged back?”

“Well. Only in this way, Mommy and Daddy will not be suspicious.” Jason said.

Derek said, “This can only be done now. Then I will return to Fairview City immediately, and you will return to the sea and sky.”


When the two babies were conspiring to exchange their original identities, both Jacob and Grace fell into great loss.

Grace thought that she would face the possibility of losing Derek forever.

And Jacob was also very disappointed with Jason: in Jason’s heart, his father was no better than his mother who had only been there for a few days.

Jacob took the lead to call Grace. As soon as Grace got on the phone, Jacob’s imposing voice came through his eardrums. “Grace, you can send Jason back to me within one hour.”

“What? The battle is gone?”

When Grace heard this news, it was nothing short of terrible news. All her dignity and elegance were all overwhelmed by the news of the missing child.

She yelled at Jacob, “You lost your child, now you ask me. I want to ask you where did the child go?”

Jacob took the mobile phone microphone away from his ears, Grace’s angry voice was like lightning that pierced the night sky, and was quickly obliterated.

Grace quickly recovered, it was not Jason, who was missing, but her cold treasure.

Although Derek is a young child, he has been used to spending time outside since he was a child. He will definitely find his way back to Fairview City.

Thinking of this, Grace seemed to have taken a pill.

Jacob was very disturbed by the roar of his gaffe just now.

After all, Jacob has one more identity from now on: her immediate boss.

“Master Zhan, don’t be too anxious. The child may go out to play, maybe he will go home in a while.” Grace’s strong attitude turned to comfort the chief executive.

Jacob said coldly, “Jason has never been out alone!”

“Although Jason has not been out of the house, he is very smart. He has looked at many game maps and I believe he will not get lost.”

Jacob didn’t want to listen to Grace anymore, so he hung up the phone and ordered Guan Xiao to send someone to find Jason immediately.

However, there is no news.

In the evening, Jacob returned to the villa, rubbing his forehead helplessly.

Suddenly seeing the familiar figure squatting by the door, isn’t it just the war?

“Jason.” Jacob stepped forward, holding Jason tightly in his arms.

Jason didn’t move either, stiffening his body and letting Daddy hold his arms.

“where did you go?”

Jason remained silent. It’s just that those bright stars staring at Daddy, with a trace of guilt hidden in his eyes.

Jue Zhan Han realized that today’s Jason was exceptionally quiet, and looked at him quite puzzled. Wasn’t it very lively and cheerful two days before the war? How come back to the taciturn before today?

Could it be Grace again?

Jacob had a sense of helplessness of “success and failure, too.”

“Did you go to Grace?” he asked.

Jason nodded.

Jacob held Jason’s small hand and sighed weakly. He thought that only Daddy was enough for Jason. But he didn’t expect that when Grace returned, his world would collapse.

Jacob opened the door, took Jason’s little hand, and walked in. He sat on the sofa and hugged Jason to sit across from him. He decided to open up and chat with Jason.

“Like Grace?”

Jason nodded.

“Can you tell Daddy why you like her?” Jacob was curious, what exactly Grace used to win the children’s favor.

In the past five years, those women who have approached him have not resorted to all their strengths, or even tried their best with financial resources and acting skills, just to please the battle, but they all exited in failure.

Jason tilted his head, seriously thinking about the answer to this question.

“It’s good to me.” Jason said.

Although he is not good at expressing, but he has a pair of wise eyes, he can see.

Grace is sincerely good to him: she is the only one who will hold him desperately when he is mad, regardless of the danger of injury.

Jacob put his arms around Jason, this child lacks maternal love, and he is grateful if a woman treats him a little bit.

This is not a good phenomenon!

“Jason, tomorrow is the weekend, Daddy asked Aunt Nanning to come to play at home. She is someone Daddy likes, you have to be friendly to her, you know?” Jacob felt that it was time to find one for Jason Stepmother.

He believes that Bai Nanning, who is gentle and virtuous, should be more recognized by Jason than Grace. As long as he gives Bai Nanning a chance.

“You don’t like her.” Jason suddenly jumped out this sentence.

Jacob was slightly startled, he really didn’t like Bai Nanning, but Bai Nanning was the most suitable person for him.

Childhood sweethearts know the roots and the bottom. He doesn’t have the time and energy to cultivate a new relationship with strange women. Because he knows that his love is dead.

“What do your little ones know?” Jacob sneered.

Jason said very seriously, “You will call a woman’s name when you are drunk. Her name is Irene.”

Jacob was stunned.

For six years, his liking for Irene has not diminished a little bit. On the contrary, it has become more and more mellow like a fine wine.

“If you marry Irene, I will agree.” Jason said suddenly.

Jacob sighed suddenly and scratched Jason’s nose, “She will never come back.”

The battle was dumbfounded.

Jacob said, “Daddy marries Aunt Nanning, Aunt Nanning will be nice to you.”

Jason shook his head with a look of resistance. “You and she will have children of your own, and then you will be nice to your children.”

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