Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

This tone is exactly the same as Grace! Presumably, Jason was provoked by Grace to have such a deep prejudice against Bai Nanning.

Grace, this woman is really hateful.

“Who told you these things?” Jacob was slightly angry.

Seeing that Daddy was angry, Jason stopped talking. He was afraid that when he said it, Daddy would be even more angry.

Jacob mistakenly wrote this account on Grace’s head.

The next day, Bai Nanning came to Jason’s home as scheduled. She bought many gifts for Jason, and many clothes.

“Thank you, Nanning.” Jacob said politely.

Bai Nanning groaned, “Jacob, you are too polite. Jason is so cute, it is my honor to be able to take care of Jason.”

Jason sat down next to Jacob boringly, his eyes fell on the pile of very big-name clothes that Bai Nanning had bought…

Upon seeing this, Bai Nanning quickly asked Jason, “Jas, do you like the clothes that auntie bought you?”

Jason remembered the simple and comfortable t-shirts in Derek’s closet and the colorful patterns on the clothes. Although the price was affordable, he tried them on for two days and really felt very comfortable. When he looked at this pile of high-level and cumbersome clothes, he frowned and shook his head.

Bai Nanning’s face turned ugly in an instant, looking at Jacob embarrassingly. Jacob stared suspiciously at Jason, “Don’t you always wear these styles of clothes?”

Jason said politely. “dislike.”

Jacob only thought that Jason had an opinion on Bai Nanning, so he vented his anger on his clothes.

Although she loves Jason, she is very dissatisfied with Jason’s rude behavior that ignores the kindness of others.

Jacob immediately sank his face, “Jason, you shouldn’t use this attitude to treat your kind people.”

Jason was very wronged, and Daddy must have thought he was lying on purpose.

Bai Nanning hurriedly rounded up the field, “It doesn’t matter, Jas doesn’t like these clothes, then Auntie will buy you other styles next time. But can Jas tell Auntie, what kind of clothes do you like?”

After Bai Nanning finished speaking, a wicked smile filled his eyes.

She definitely couldn’t tell Jason what style of clothes he liked, so that she could prove from the side that she was embarrassing him on purpose. She was about to know that the child Jason had a deep heart, so that in the future, Jacob would not blindly favor Jason.

Jason lowered his head and said nothing.

Jacob frowned slightly. When he was about to get angry, Jason suddenly raised his head and said his favorite brand of clothing: “Qiaohu Baoer”!

Bai Nanning’s face collapsed in an instant, and he didn’t expect Jason to actually have a brand of clothes he likes.

However, Bai Nanning, who was born with more than Bibi Gan, felt that Jason might be fooling her. Because she had never heard of this brand of clothing.

So Bai Nanning asked without shame, “Jas, is Qiaohubao’er a clothing brand?”

“Yeah.” Jason nodded.

Bai Nanning immediately took out her mobile phone to search.

However, Jacob looked at Jason in disbelief, surprised, “You didn’t mind what brand of clothes you used to wear!”

Jason didn’t speak, but the clear pupil looked at Daddy very innocently.

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