Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

That’s because he hadn’t worn beautiful and comfortable clothes like Qiaohu Baoer before.

After Bai Nanning searched for Qiaohu Baoer’s clothes, she handed her mobile phone to Jacob. Jacob frowned when he saw the colorful children’s clothing, “When did you start to like this type of clothing? It’s too fancy!”

Jason was very aggrieved, “I’m still a child!”

Jacob looked at the prices of those clothes, ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. Looking at Jason suspiciously, “Are you sure you want to wear such cheap clothes?”

Jason nodded. He just wanted to wear clothes of the same price as Derek. This way he will feel better in his heart.

Jacob sighed and said with disgust, “Daddy has never bought clothes online.”

Jason teased, “You are not wearing it.”

Jacob looked at Jason. This is the first time that Jason has grown so much, and for the first time so assertively, for what he likes.

Jacob chose to compromise and threw his mobile phone to Jason, “Pull everything you like into the shopping cart and pay you back later.”

Jason took the phone and decided to choose. He pulled all the clothes in Derek’s closet into the shopping cart.

Jacob looked at Mandangdang shopping cart with a black line on his face. Secretly slandering, Jason’s taste has been lowered by Grace to more than one grade.

Maybe it was the weekend, maybe it was the abnormal behavior of the first two days of “Jason”, which made Aunt Janice especially think of him, so Janice came uninvited.

Pushing the door and entering, I saw Bai Nanning, and Janice laughed awkwardly. “Hey, sorry, I disturbed your good things.”

Jacob looked at his younger sister, his lips twitched lightly, “Don’t you swear by a curse, you will never step into this place unless you have to?”

Janice pointed to Jason and said, “My family’s Jason’s autism is cured, so I promised to let it go with the wind!”

These two were enemies before, so they fight when they meet. So Janice made a bold statement: Don’t step into the sea and sky in your lifetime. Unless as a last resort.

Obviously, Janice didn’t know that Jason had changed back to his original cold and cold boy. Otherwise, she would not come to seek abuse if she was killed.

“Jason, your aunt is here to play with you.” Jacob said.

Jason’s bitter enmity cast a deep glance at Janice, “No.” He refused.

Janice ran over and rubbed Jason’s face with both hands, and smiled, “Jason, didn’t you like playing with your aunt that day? Let’s play chess and go.” Jason reluctantly Pull it up and walk to the room upstairs.

Walking to Jason’s room, Jason opened the door, but closed it with a backhand bang. Janice was turned away.

Janice’s head was knocked out of a green bag by the door panel, and she screamed horribly, “Jason, you damned devil. You disfigured the face of aunt, I can’t get around you.”

Jason’s cold voice came from inside, “You don’t rely on your face to eat.”

“Your aunt, I want to be an actor, of course I have to rely on my face to eat! Otherwise, what do you think I rely on for food?” Janice said angrily.

“Cheese old!” Jason said.

Janice was so angry that she almost turned her back. “You scold me for gnawing old? What about you? You are not gnawing your old man…”

“Daddy is not old.” Jason said.

Janice knot.

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