Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Janice angrily walked downstairs, holding her injured forehead with one hand, and pretending to be in front of Jacob, crying, “Brother, your son bullied me, don’t you care?”

Jacob looked at Janice silently…

“Knowing that he doesn’t like you to touch him, you just want to provoke him, commit a crime, and don’t live.”

Janice felt compelled, “Then I thought he was cured, so I came here to bring you the baby. Who knew he started to convulsions again?”

Jacob’s face sank slightly. “Jason is not sick.”

Janice murmured, “You know if you are sick or not. Big Brother, I have to remind you that Jason was originally just indifferent and arrogant, but you saw him when he was in our house that day. He seemed to have changed. Not only is he lively and cheerful, but also gentle and polite. I thought his mother had cured his autism, but now it seems that the situation is worse. Jason will be silent and refuse to communicate, and will be enthusiastic for a while. , I suspect he has schizophrenia!”

Jacob’s handsome face was completely black.

“Brother, let the psychiatrist of Media Asia Medical Center show Jason, don’t delay your child.”

Jacob rubbed his eyebrows and fell into contemplation.

Janice is right, Jas is very abnormal these days.

Upon seeing this, Bai Nanning quickly relieved Jacob, “Jacob, don’t worry, it’s normal for the child to be emotionally unstable. Sister Janice is confused when she cares.”

Jason suddenly ran down from the second floor, and Janice saw that Jason was like an enemy. “Jason, your aunt is afraid of you, so my aunt will go home immediately. You don’t have to send it, you go upstairs!” Running out tremblingly.

“Janice!” Jason suddenly called her.

Janice slipped and almost fell to the ground, looking back at Jason suddenly, and reprimanded, “Auntie. No big or small.”

Jason said, “You take me out to play.”

Janice pulled out her ears, “I heard you right? Little ancestor, are you really willing to go out with aunt?”

Don’t look at Janice’s age, but his childlike heart is still young. Her biggest wish is to take her cool nephew who is the most invincible in the universe for a stroll, so as to ensure that the licking dogs in her circle of friends will be envious.

However, Jason has a cold personality and is at odds with her. He never wants to take pictures with her. Rarely, he gave her a death gaze once in the same frame. It made others misunderstood that she was a child trafficker.

Today, Jason offered to let her take him out to play for an unprecedented time. Janice had a sudden and unreality of happiness.

Jacob stared at Jason in astonishment, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

“Jason, are you sure you want to go out with your aunt?” Jacob asked dubiously.

Jason nodded.

“Are you sure you don’t quarrel, fight, or hurt each other with your aunt?” Jacob asked again.

Jason’s hatred gaze shifted to Janice. “She won’t touch me or speak. I promise.”

Janice protested, “Your aunt, I am neither a puppet nor a dumb. Do you like to go or not to get it.”

Jason still walked to Janice silently.

Janice opened a pair of charming and charming eyes, “Oh, Jason, you didn’t have a fever today, right? Auntie has done this to you, do you want to go out with your aunt?”

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