Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

Jason looked at her coldly and nodded hard.

Janice was so happy that she hugged Jason and cheered, “Jason, you have changed. You have become more and more lovely. Auntie took back what I said earlier, you have no autism, and no schizophrenia. You are the whole world. The cutest child.”

Jason’s handsome face showed a look of disgust.

“Brother, we are leaving.”

“Come back early.” Jacob warned uneasy.

Janice left the villa with Jason, sitting on Janice’s red supercar, and the enchanting little aunt invaded in the dreamy dreams that showed Jason everywhere.

Jason’s chilly voice suddenly interrupted her dreams of beauty. “Go to the playground.”

Janice’s sneer smile instantly froze, “Why?”

Obviously she is an elder, why would a little kid in Jason point fingers at her?

“Jason, Auntie must go to the film and television company first.” Janice said with a smile. I secretly made up my mind to trick Jason into the film and television company no matter what, so that the big players in the industry will look at her natural superstar face. Maybe Jason will be able to set foot on film and television dramas from now on, and film and television endorsements are soft.

Looking at Janice, Jason spit out a few words: “Human trafficker!”

Janice stunned, this little guy obviously already knew her intentions. “I said, is the child so smart?”

Janice poked Jason’s head in the passenger seat with her finger.

Jason stubbornly said: “Go to the playground.”

Janice was also stubborn, turning the steering wheel, “I won’t go to the playground.”

Jason slipped the driving window, “Then I jumped out.”

Janice was so frightened that Huarong paled. She braked sharply and stopped after a gorgeous drift over the run.

Janice was frightened, kicked the car door and ran out, pulled Jason out and roared, “You scared me to death, don’t you know? You said that if you have a shortcoming, how can I tell your father? “

Jason was also very angry, “Let you go to the playground!”

Janice said, “You are going to the amusement park, and Auntie is going to the film and television company. You will be just me and not die.”

Jason said, “I have made an agreement with someone, and I can’t break my promise.”

Janice was stunned, and Jason was dating a friend, this was the first time in his life.

“Jason, who is this person?” Janice has a nickname: Excavator! Her specialty is to dig out other people’s gossip.

Jason snorted coldly, “Ba Po.” Then he turned around and ran to the opposite building lane.

Janice was stunned, “Is this going to throw me away?”

As soon as Janice was about to go after him, she found that her sports car was still parked by the road.

Hesitated for a while. Janice’s eyes filled with light, “Little guy, your aunt, I will dig out your little secret after giving up this sports car.” Then she pulled out her legs and went after Jason.

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