Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

After Jason left Janice, he trot all the way to the playground.

The person who invited him to the playground was Derek. The two brothers had a good understanding, and they wore the same clothes. This is also one of their few of the same style-Adi’s black t-shirt and white pants, sneakers. The difference is that Derek wore a hip-hop style cap.

“Jason—” Derek saw Jason from a distance, and just about to call him, only to find that Jason was followed by a sneaky woman.

The woman was holding a big straw hat in her hand, hiding her entire head in the big straw hat, wearing a bright red skirt, and keeping a distance of about five meters from Jason, using all shelters to hide.

Derek picked up his phone watch and sent a text message to Jason, “You were followed by a woman in red.”

Jason did not need to look back to confirm that this woman was his neurotic aunt.

“It’s Janice.” Jason returned to Derek.

Derek smiled slyly and sent another voice over, “Jason, didn’t you say that she always bullies you? Do you want me to avenge you?”

The corners of Jason’s lips raised slightly, “Okay!”

“Then you find a place to hide. I’ll be dispatched immediately.”

After receiving Derek’s message, Jason went to the bathroom next to him. Fearing that Jason would be lost, Janice ran to the toilet to block him.

But Jason didn’t come out for a long time. People coming and going in and out of the men’s room looked at Janice with strange eyes.

At this time, Janice covered her face with a hat, and her teeth were tickled with hatred against Jason.

“Sister-in-law.” Suddenly, Derek emerged from the side. His face was filled with an over-enthusiastic smile.

Janice was dumbfounded. She had never seen Jason smile so brilliantly. I didn’t expect Jason to smile so cute and handsome.

However, Jason, who had a stinky face with her just now, suddenly changed his style and became so cute and cute. Janice only felt a little chill on his back.

Could it be that this kid is really fine?

“Jason, did you see your friend in the playground?” Janice asked cautiously, for fear of touching the convulsive nerves of this little ancestor again.

Derek revealed a row of neat white millet teeth, and smiled, “Auntie, my friend is on the carousel. Would you like to go over and say hello?”

Janice said with great loyalty, “Jason you rarely make a friend. Auntie will give you face and go see your friend!”

Derek turned around and ran away quickly, shouting, “Auntie, then you come here quickly.”

When Janice walked near the merry-go-round, she found that “Jason” had disappeared. Janice shouted, “Jason, where are you?”

After half a day, Jason suddenly appeared in front of her like a ghost. Looking at her bitterly. “Shame.” Two words popped out through gritted teeth.

Janice’s chin was almost shocked to the ground. Just now, Jason clearly smiled at her and said such long words. How could he return to such a ghostly and sad look in the blink of an eye?

“Jason, you won’t be really fine, are you?” Janice stepped forward and tried to touch his nephew’s head, and Jason avoided her claws in disgust. Give her a death stare by the way.

Janice cried out with a headache, “God, what sin did our Zhan Family commit? Why should we treat our Jason like this?”

“Insane.” Jason turned and left.

Janice slumped weakly on the bench next to him. She took out his cell phone and called Jacob crying.


At the other end of the phone, Jacob’s eyes twitched when he heard the howling of the Phoenix Fairy Ghost.

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