Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

“What happened to Jason?”

“He didn’t do anything to me!” Janice really didn’t know how to tell his eldest brother, for fear that the terrible news would scare him over.

Jacob’s thinking is still stuck in the past, “Then what did you do to him?”

Janice said, “I didn’t do anything to him!”

Jue Zhan Han’s face sank, “Then what are you crying and howling?”

Janice changed from sobbing to howling, “Brother, something has happened to Jason.”

Jacob said indifferently, “Janice, can you finish talking in one breath?”

Janice wiped her tears, a bit agitated in her sorrow, and said vividly:

“Brother, Jason will be cold and ruthless to me today as cold as the frost of winter, and warm to me as hot as the June sun. When he is cold, call me Janice and call me neurotic. Call me sister-in-law when I am passionate, and rush me Laughter. Big brother, just so much time, this kid Jason switched back and forth many times? He can get an Oscar if he plays with me?”

As Jacob listened to Janice’s report, cold sweat began to ooze from the palm of his mobile phone.

If this happened for the first time, Jacob might not take it seriously. But two days ago, Jason was uncharacteristically in front of him.

If today Jason frequently shows the duality of character again. Then he really wants to suspect that Jason has spermatozoa.

Jacob stood up, and there was some coldness in his voice when he exited, “Where is Jason now?”

Janice exclaimed, “It’s over, I don’t know where he went?”

“Where are you now?” Jacob asked calmly.


“Playground?” A touch of icy cold filled Jacob’s pupils.

Since Grace took Jason to the playground, this kid has been thinking about going to the playground?

Twenty minutes later, Jacob appeared in the playground.

Seeing Jacob, Janice burst into tears immediately. “Brother, I’m sorry, I lost Jason!”

“Go find it.” Jacob said coldly.

Bai Nanning, who came with him, took him to the left to find someone. But Janice went to the right to find someone.

Jason and Derek played for a while, because they were worried about Daddy and Mommy, they decided to end the game and go back to each house.

Derek reluctantly said, “Jason, when can I see you again?”

“Contact at any time.” Jason said.

“Then I will go this way.”

“Well, I’m going here.”

The two children parted ways.

When Derek left the playground, he met Janice by chance. “Little Auntie!” Derek waved at her.

When Janice saw Derek, she rolled up her sleeves and wanted to punch someone. “Smelly boy, I almost thought you were missing. Do you know how scared I am? Come here. If the old lady doesn’t beat you today, I won’t be called Janice. .”

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