Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Derek smiled happily, “If you want to beat me a$s, then see if you have the ability to catch me?”

After that, Derek rushed over, and Janice opened her arms, with an expression of unbelief on her face, “I don’t believe that I can’t catch you.”

Jason usually doesn’t like sports, and suffers from respiratory diseases frequently in winter. Janice despised her athletic ability so much. She was not polite to give him a nickname: Little Chicken.

Little did she know that what she encountered today was not a battle, but Derek, who had participated in taekwondo training since he was child? His physical stamina and speed were beyond her peers, and she was extremely agile.

When Janice stretched out her hand to intercept Derek, after Derek kicked her arm away, another somersault turned to Janice’s back, and then slipped away like a fish.

When Janice saw Derek’s hand stretched out so beautifully and neatly, her eyes almost fell to the ground. “Damn, my family is so handsome?”

But another sensible voice rang low in Janice’s mind, “Jason has never studied martial arts. He usually uses his mouth to bite in fights, and his body is weak. Grandparents are reluctant to suffer from their children practicing martial arts. It might be the right skill to have such a neat skill.”

When Janice turned around again, where was Derek’s shadow in the empty vision?

“Jason?” Janice hurriedly pursued it.

After going around for half a circle, Derek didn’t catch up, but he met Jacob and Bai Nanning. However, Jacob’s hand held Jason’s hand tightly.

When Janice saw Jason, she mistakenly identified him as Derek. She shook her aching arm, walked to Jason an angrily, and asked, “Jason, I am your aunt, why are you willing to kick me so hard?”

Jason rolled his eyes to her, an expression that was too lazy to care about her.

After Janice finished speaking, she rolled up her sleeves and showed them to Jacob, “Big Brother, how do you hate this kid? To my aunt is like killing his father and enemy?”

Jacob looked at a large group of bruises on Janice’s arm and frowned, “You stumbled yourself, did you plant Jason?”

Janice wanted to cry without tears.

“Jacob, the conscience of heaven and earth, this injury is really given to me by your little ancestor. But it is indeed not a scratch or a bite. He kicked me?”

Jacob’s ice-sculpted face showed his disbelief.

Even Bai Nanning was on Jason’s side this time, reminding Janice very tactfully, “Janice, you said that Jason kicked you? How could this be possible. When Jason kicked you, you raised your hand and he Can’t you get this high?”

Janice learned the appearance of Derek and did a unexpected spin kick. Although the appearance was not standard, and he staggered a few times after doing this action, there were also appearances, which can be seen as high in Taekwondo. Difficult action spin kick.

“That’s how he kicked me?” Janice finished her performance and looked at Jacob very dissatisfied.

I thought I could get Jacob’s approval after performing hard, but Jacob didn’t believe her even more, and said helplessly, “Janice, stop making trouble. Jason is just a five-year-old child, you and him The jokes should be modest. Frame him and plant him with a series of lies, which will have a bad influence on Jason.”

Janice yelled with a look of lovelessness. “Brother. Why don’t you believe me? What I said is true—”

“Jason has never learned Taekwondo.” Jacob pulled Jason away.

Janice stayed in place.

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