Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Yes, she also feels supernatural. In the past few years, she has been abroad and often video calls with her family members. She has never heard of Jason’s training in martial arts. And when she went home during winter and summer vacations, she never saw Jason go to a training class.

So how did his neat ability just come from?

Janice was thinking hard along the way, but she couldn’t figure out the reason even after piercing his head.

Jacob took Jason out of the playground and saw a crowd of people at the gate of the playground watching a red supercar. The handsome face of Jacob was covered with black lines in an instant, “Janice!”

When Janice heard her elder brother’s stern shout, she ran to catch up. Seeing that her sports car was violent with many tickets, I wanted to cry without tears.

“What should I say about you? I’m waiting for the headlines tomorrow.” Jacob hates his sister’s high-profile appearance of showing off her wealth the most, wishing that her entire face was molded into gold.

Janice was actually very wronged. If it were not for fear that Jason would be lost, she wouldn’t have parked illegally.

This account was recorded on Jason.

Jacob returned to Haitian Villa with Jason, while Bai Nanning went to the company for something to do, but Janice followed Jason in the dark.

Jacob asked his sister puzzledly, “Janice, are you afraid that Jason will bite you?”

Janice raised her chest and took out the determination of the strong man to break her wrist. “Big Brother, I tell you that there is a secret in Jason. When I dig out his secret, you will believe what I said today. I am really a word. She didn’t lie. He kicked me today, and he is agile, and his movements are smooth and flowing in one go. He is like a master of kung fu!”

“The more you talk, the more ridiculous.” Jacob shook his head helplessly.

After entering the house, Jacob entered the kitchen.

Jacob wears a white compassionate shirt, a head of thick black and flowing hair, with that white skin, and the humiliating and humiliating inner double pill and phoenix eyes. He has a natural and precious aura that makes people alienated and afraid to approach, as if not. The prince who cannibalize fireworks.

Janice stared at Jacob blankly. Her elder brother had been born with the glory and aura of the war family, and he grew up like a moon held by the stars, but he was not as good as a mortal. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been wearing clothes to stretch out my hands and eating to open my mouth.

Unexpectedly, after Jason, because of Jason’s autism, my brother fired all the aunts in the family, took over all the housework, and became a father and a mother to raise the child.

What a wonderful man!

Janice glanced at the side of Jason in suspense, only to find that Jason was equally suspicious and hated her.

“You can go now.” Jason unceremoniously issued an order to evict the guests.

Janice stunned, “Jason, you guy who crossed the river and demolished the bridge. Tell my sister honestly. Who on earth are you going out on date with today? Isn’t it your little girlfriend?”

Jason watched her thin scarlet lips close together, simply covering her ears with her hands, and said in disgust, “Tang Monk.”

Janice pulled Jason’s hand away, he didn’t listen, she wanted him to listen, “Also, I will find out if you know how to martial arts.”

A panic flashed across Jason’s face, and Janice had a panoramic view, which further confirmed the speculation in her heart, “I know you have some ulterior secrets from your father. I will definitely dig them out. “

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