Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Jason was too lazy to pay attention to Auntie, and went into the kitchen to help Daddy.

Janice was boring, and left angrily.

“Brother, I’m leaving. Remember to ask a doctor for Jason to see. Doctor Zhang Xianyong of Media Asia is not bad.” Janice left after speaking.

Jacob’s expression was slightly condensed. The doctor recommended by his younger sister was a first-level expert in psychiatry. He was very resistant to contacting Jason to the psychiatry department.

I subconsciously feel that Jason is just like him. It’s not that he was taciturn and didn’t like to communicate when he was young. When he grows up, he meets a few close friends, and his personality will improve.

However, in the past few days, Jason frequently switched freely in a state of hyperactivity and reticence and quietness, which sounded the alarm for Jacob. He was afraid that he would miss Jason’s best treatment time because of his carelessness.

At dinner, Jacob decided to have a frank talk with Jason.

“Jason, ask Dr. Zhang to come and see you tomorrow, okay?”

Jason’s reaction was fierce. He raised his head and protested, “I’m not sick.”

Jacob patiently reasoned with him, “Jason, it’s not right to taboo the doctor!”

Jason looked at daddy with his clear eyes open, biting his lip and emphatically saying, “I’m not sick.”

“Recently, your behavior is abnormal. You chat with your grandparents and you are willing to play chess with your aunt. You never did these things before.”

“Jas, why?” Jacob wanted to know why his son made these changes.

Jason was slightly startled, Derek did the things that Dad said, right?

“Good mood.” Jason said coolly.

Jason is meticulous in thinking and not leaking.

Jacob said again, “And when you were in the playground today, you would call Aunt Janice with a smile, and call her crazy with a cold face. Why is this?”

Jason frowned. Today, he and Derek appeared in front of Janice alternately, originally trying to tease her. Unexpectedly, Janice would make a fuss and secretly file a complaint with Daddy. It was too hateful.

Seeing Jason buried his head silent for a long time, Jacob’s heart became heavy inexplicably. The big hand held Jason’s hand warmly, and said, “Jas, Daddy has decided. Let Dr. Zhang come over tomorrow.”

Jason bowed his head and sighed.

He was stricken by the scourge of Janice.

The next day.

Dr. Zhang came to the villa as scheduled, and Jacob called him to the study, where the two people talked closely. The reason for avoiding Jason is because they are afraid that Jason’s panic will be caused by the content of their conversations.

“President, according to what you said, Jason is very likely to suffer from schizophrenia. Of course, the final result still needs to be monitored by equipment to make a decision. I suggest that the president send Jason to Media Asia for inspection. ——”

Jacob waved his hand at him, a solemn look appeared on his face as handsome as a Greek sculpture. “You are the authority in this area, since you are so sure. Presumably Jason really got the disease. You can prescribe a treatment plan for him.”

Doctor Zhang nodded solemnly, “Yes.”

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