Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

After Dr. Zhang left, Jason ran to the study, opened the door and saw Jacob holding his head in his hands, looking in pain, Jason knew the answer in his heart.

“He also said I was sick?” Jason was angrily.

Jacob raised his eyes and saw his son’s cool and dazzling face, a hidden worry appeared on his face.

He thought, maybe Jason was too perfect, so God wants to give him some experience.

“Jason, Dr. Zhang said that your disease is still in the early stages. As long as we actively cooperate, it will be better.” Jacob also didn’t want to tell Jason about this cruel thing, but he needs to be treated with Jason next. Accept this fact.

“Huoshao life.” Jason pursed angrily.

Looking at Jason’s angry and dissatisfied face, Jacob was cruel. This time the matter was very important, and he could not help but his temperament.

“Daddy has decided, the resistance is invalid.” Jacob’s domineering and extraordinary announcement was over, and he got up and left.

Jason fell into melancholy.

For Jason, this weekend was very depressing. So when Monday came, Jason showed a yearning for school for the first time.

This is clearly a very good phenomenon, but Jacob didn’t know whether to be happy or worried. The war of love to go to school and the war of not to go to school can only remind him of two personalities of schizophrenia. Otherwise he could not find a third reasonable explanation.

Jason sent to the kindergarten, Jacob came to the company. After a thrilling weekend, he almost forgot, he hired a new assistant.

So when he saw Grace in the office, he didn’t recover for a while, looking at her with a green expression.

“Good morning, President!” Grace wore a professional short-sleeved white shirt, a red hip skirt, a pair of stiletto single-heeled red leather shoes, and a tall ball head. She was mature, steady and intellectual. A professional and elegant smile was shown at him.

Jacob walked in silently, and when he sat on the chair, Grace had already handed over his work schedule for the day.

Jacob glanced at his one-day schedule, combining work and rest, taking care of family and company, efficient and reasonable.

“Good job,” he praised with a straight face.

For some reason, he thought of his precious son Jason, because he had schizophrenia after seeing Grace, Jacob was not pleasing to the left and right of Grace who performed perfectly, and always wanted to find her fault and embarrass her.

“Make me a cup of coffee, three-point bitter, seven-point sweet.” He ordered maliciously.

Grace looked at the faint anger hidden in Jacob’s eyes, and did this with extra care. Although she was so meticulous that she almost used a physical formula to calculate the ratio of coffee to sugar. But when she brought the coffee full of sincerity to Jacob, Jacob took a sip, and the hair was still fried.

“Too bitter!” Jacob raised his eyebrows, staring at the bewildered woman.

Grace picked up the coffee cup, “I’ll add some more sugar.”

Only after Jacob tasted coffee for the second time, he was still frowning and stern, looking for faults, “Too sweet.”

Grace looked at Jacob with anger in her eyes like a prairie fire. On the face, she was quite respectful, “President, I didn’t add sugar just now.”

Jacob’s expression was indescribable.

“Are you kidding me?” Jun’s face cracked, and every fragment was angry.

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