Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Grace protested in a low voice, “Obviously you are finding fault on purpose.”

Thanks to her understanding of his tastes, he obviously likes to drink bitter coffee. Today’s unusually sweet coffee was 7 minutes, and Grace had a foreboding that he would do nothing wrong.

Fortunately, he kept an eye on her and wittyly exposed her conspiracy, which prevented him from attacking her for no reason in time.

However, she too underestimated Jacob Jue’s character.

Jacob turned on the computer and randomly called up a webpage of Media Asia’s subsidiary company, used his invincible hacking skills to add a few protective walls to the webpage, and then looked at Grace, preparing to set her down.

“Grace, Media Asia Kylin’s network was hacked, you immediately turn on the computer over there. Give Kylin back to normal immediately.

Grace looked at Jacob’s smiling eyes, always feeling that this errand was weird, but people had to bow their heads under the eaves, and had to obediently accept it.

Turn on the computer and wait for the time to turn on the computer. Jacob’s voice floats like a ghost. “Grace, will I give you one day, is that enough?”

Grace has always been a leader of the Matrix, and has never encountered an opponent since she was a child. In her professional field, she has dominated the Matrix for several years.

“Half a day is enough.” Grace said.

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched. The Kylin network was paralyzed by him. Grace wanted to unlock his key for a long time. It was really wishful thinking.

Don’t talk about it for a long time. Even she may not be able to solve it in the second half of her life.

In this world, if there is anyone who can match her, that person is Irene.

“Half a day? Can you make a military order?” Jacob said domineeringly.

Grace also knows that her success or failure is related to the normal operation of the entire Kylin company. The company’s webpage is unavailable, and one hour delay will cause millions or even tens of millions of losses.

Grace’s self-confidence allowed her to accept Jacob’s provocations calmly, “If you can’t complete the task after a long time, you have to kill and kill, and you will be respectful.” Grace has the chivalry of a Jianghu.

Jacob sneered and nodded, “Okay.”

He thought that soon he could see this woman’s shameless appearance. This is the ending he wants to see.

Grace entered the homepage of Kylin’s webpage and found that many functional links were in a dead state. And the important database inside is showing garbled status. It does not seem to require technical content, but it is clearly malicious damage by top hackers. Because Grace couldn’t restore the operation of the system quickly.

Jacob looked at Grace’s state of devotion to work, and saw her frowning slightly, and the corners of his s**y lips curled up. Hook out a touch of evil loneliness.

When leaving get off work, Jacob wickedly said to Grace, “I think you will succeed soon, right? Remember to close the doors and windows before get off work. Tomorrow, I will let Xiaomi prepare an office for you alone. “

“Yes.” Grace paid no attention to him.

Jacob left triumphantly.

This self-reliant woman, arrogant and arrogant, doesn’t know how to reject him, he wants her to taste the shame.

Tomorrow, she still cannot decipher the hacker password. See her face to meet him?

The employees of Media Asia got off work one after another. Grace sent a voice message to the children, telling them that she would stay at the company to work overtime tonight, and told the children to be careful on the way home from school and make a note for dinner.


As the saying goes, the sky forgives who is good in reincarnation.

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