Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Jacob felt secretly pleased that he had punished Grace, but Jason’s teacher here made him an uncomfortable call.

Jason’s teacher said on the phone, “Jason’s performance at school in the past two days is too weird, and the emotional contrast is huge. Yesterday he was a lively and cheerful little cutie, and today he is a silent little lamb.”

Jacob hung up the phone silently. Jason’s emotional contrast is so obvious, anyone who has been in close contact with him can clearly feel his great changes. Does this reflect the severity of Zhanzuo’s scoria from the side?

Jacob’s sorrowful feelings disappeared.

night. Wan Lai was silent.

The neon lights of the city are colorful, but they can’t shine into Jacob’s gloomy heart. He drove his Rolls Royce lonely through the colorful streets, feeling for the first time that he would be alone and helpless.

At that moment, he faintly yearned for his soul mate.

He came to Media Asia, took medicine for Jason according to the prescription prescribed by the doctor, and then returned to the villa.

Jason sat at the top of the stairs and waited for him. When Jacob entered the house carrying the medicine bag, he saw Jason’s small body curled up on the stairs. Jacob rushed over, took Jason into his open arms, and greeted him affectionately, “Why don’t you sleep?”

Zhan Kuo looked at Daddy’s gloomy face blankly. He was sick and Daddy became haggard.

Jason was very guilty, because he cheated on daddy and he was really not sick. The so-called dual personality in schizophrenia is simply because Derek intervened in his life.

But Jason couldn’t tell the truth to Dad, at least not yet. Derek said that unless Daddy agrees to get back with Mommy, he can only appear in front of Daddy.

“Daddy, let’s remarry with Mommy!” Jason said thoughtlessly. Let Jacob startled.

Jacob stared at Jason in a daze, “Why did you mention this suddenly?”

Jason’s long eyelashes drooped, and said in a low voice, “Daddy and Mommy get back together, and my illness will naturally heal.”

Jacob took a breath of cold air in his heart, and his breathtaking eyes were suddenly covered with ice and snow. “Jason, you tell daddy that you have become emotionally unstable recently, is it because of Grace?”

Jason did not know how to answer. For his less talkative children, he would choose to remain silent for any questions that he couldn’t answer.

Jacob’s eyes were full of anger, “You tell daddy, do you already know that Grace is your mommy?”

Jason nodded.

Regarding this matter, Jacob hardly had any doubts.

When Grace was kidnapped by him in Media Asia’s office, he could still escape unimpeded. It wasn’t the fingerprint lock that Jason helped her open. How could she get out of his Wuzhishan so smoothly?

Jacob’s slender fingers were clenched into fists, each knuckle was squeezed pale and bloodless because of too much force.

The value of his resentment towards Grace almost exploded at that moment.

Five years ago, she ran away after sleeping with him.

Ten months later, she abandoned the war and deceived her death and hid abroad.

He couldn’t wait to strangle her to death, and had had the idea that her life would be worse than death more than once.

But these hatreds, for the sake of finally seeing Jason, were all his efforts to use strong willpower to eliminate himself.

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