Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Suddenly Jacob felt that his kindness was a double-edged sword: although his kindness could protect the integrity of Jason’s longing for maternal love and family. However, Grace used his kindness to confuse Jason, trying to use Jason to get back to him.


At half past one in the morning, Grace finally deciphered the hacker’s password and resumed the operation of the Kylin website.

Turn off the computer, close the doors and windows, everything is ready, Grace picked up the bag on the computer desk and prepared to leave.

The door of the office was suddenly kicked open from the outside. On the square door frame, the lights in the corridor cast a backlit stalwart figure.

Then, that slender hand touched the switch button next to it, and the dark office became bright again.

“Master Zhan, why are you here?” Grace looked at Jacob, the bitter cold that spread all over him was daunting. Although he has always been a cold person, but today he is so cold that people can’t stop shuddering.

He stepped closer to Grace with his long legs, his breathtaking and powerful eyes were bloodshot at this moment. Grace’s heart hung up, and her body moved backwards involuntarily.


Suddenly Jacob’s fist waved over, and Grace was so frightened that she closed her eyes and dared not witness his violence to her.

However, the fist of Jacob did not fall on her head, but fell on the wall next to her. The stone wall inlaid with luxurious marble was unusual in hardness, and Jacob’s hand immediately blurred with blood.

Grace was frightened, her chest undulating violently. I’m having trouble breathing. Shocked, the Tongzi like a copper bell looked at Jacob inconceivably.

For a long time, Grace’s voice floating in the air, “If you are angry in your heart, just hit me. Why are you so self-abuse?”

“Shut up.” Jacob roared at her. He stretched out his hand to pinch her chin brutally and brutally, and said viciously, “Grace, do you know how much I hate you?”

Grace’s eyes are moist, she loves him, he hates her. He hates her as much as she loves him. They are destined to be two intersecting straight lines, only one intersection in their life, and then they depart from each other further and further.

“Why?” Grace asked with sobs.

She is also a dignified and decent person. If it weren’t for loving him so much, how could she do those humble things to the bone.

Have a baby for him!

“Grace, because of your appearance, Jason suffered from schizophrenia. Are you very satisfied with the result?” Jacob roughly held Grace’s shoulders, as if she were his prisoner. He read her original sin aloof.

“You confuse him, take advantage of his young heart, take advantage of his desire for mother, and then approach him step by step. Do you think you can take the position of standing wife again?”

“I didn’t.” Grace was wronged, more of grief and despair over Jason’s illness.

“You sophistry!” Jacob roared like a awakened lion, “You liar, didn’t you fool me back then? You thought I would still believe you?”

Mentioned that year, Grace was speechless.

She lied to him in the name of love.

“Grace, I want you to completely get out of the world of Jason.” Jacob promulgated the king’s inviolability decree, “I will give you 100 million, and you will be allowed to roll abroad within 48 hours. In this life you will Don’t come back again.”

Grace protested weakly, “Master War, I can’t leave…”

“I can’t help you.” A blazing flame burned in Jacob’s pupils, “Grace, don’t forget that your mother’s life is still in my hands.” His voice was like a lifeless soul crawling out of an ancient tomb, Jiang Grace’s whole body was wrapped tightly, Grace only felt suffocated from breathing, and was almost dead.

Grace looked at the extremely angry man and tried to console his emotions, “Jason, Jas is just a child, and it is normal for children to behave emotionally. Let me see Jas, maybe the doctor misdiagnosed… ….”

“Grace, don’t play tricks on me anymore. Let me say it again. If you haven’t left within 48 hours, then wait for your mother to collect the body!” Jacob announced the end and walked away.

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