Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Grace sank weakly on the ground.

Dragging his exhausted body with a devastated heart, Grace returned to Fairview City.

The two children were already asleep, Grace curled up on the sofa. She buried her head in her knees and sobbed sadly.

She is worried about the war!

Also sympathize with Jacob.

But she couldn’t do anything for them, which made her feel very sad and desperate.

Derek was awakened by the intermittent sobs in the living room. He wore slippers and walked to the living room, holding Mommy’s head with his little hand, “Mummy, what’s wrong with you?”

Grace looked up, and Derek was distressed when he saw Mommy’s crying red and swollen eyes. “Mummy, is your boss bullying you?”

Derek shot a resentful look in his eyes. He had long known that if he let Mommy go to work in his daddy’s company, he would bully Mommy. He and Jason shouldn’t match up with Daddy and Mommy.

Grace hugged Derek, very sad, and said, “Derek, Mommy is unemployed, and the boss fired me.”

Derek said angrily, “It doesn’t matter, Mommy, here is where you don’t want to stay. We can change the house.”

Grace looked at Derek sorry, “Derek, Mommy decided to take you and Faith back to Europe to settle.”

Derek reacted violently, “Ah? When do you leave then?”


Derek returned to his room and couldn’t wait to tell Jason of the bad news. “War Sui, I will return to Europe the day after tomorrow, what should I do?”

Jason slept soundly, and Derek did not read any text messages.

Derek didn’t wait for Jason’s reply, and went to bed depressed.

the next day.

The sea and the sky are the same.

When Jacob opened Jason’s door, he found that the small quilt inside had been folded neatly. Jason was nowhere to be seen.

“Jason!” Jacob shouted twice, no one responded to him.

I searched the garden and the attic, but I didn’t see the shadow of Jason.

Jacob almost dug the entire villa three feet away, and finally found his electronic watch on the game table of Zhanshu.

When he checked the stored text messages of the watch, he found that there was only one suspicious message: “After the war, we are going back to Europe. What should I do?”

Jacob’s handsome face was instantly green.

Besides Grace, he really couldn’t think of who would send this message to Jason?

He forced her to leave only yesterday, and she sent this text message to Jason in the early hours of last night. Everyone knows its good intentions.


At this time, Janice’s phone rang quickly. As if eating firecrackers, he roared fiercely, “Jacob, your son has secretly left home, don’t you know?”

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