Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Jacob’s hanging heart finally fell, “Do you know where Jason is?”

Janice was selling melons on the phone, and she boasted, “I knew your little ancestor had a secret secret. So I came to monitor him early in the morning. As expected, this guy came out at six o’clock. , Carrying a small schoolbag, took the bus 989 to the north of the city.”

Jacob only felt his hair terrifying. In his eyes, Jason was a good-looking baby in captivity, a child who would never go out without an adult. But did he go so far by himself?

“Brother, I won’t tell you anymore. I’m driving and following the bus. I will call you as soon as I investigate Jason’s first-hand information.” Janice hung up after speaking.

Before Jacob had time to ask her Jason’s current location, he threw the phone aside depressed. Can only choose to passively wait for the call from Janice.

When Jason took the 989 bus to the vicinity of Fairview City, Jason got off the bus.

Janice became smarter this time, drove a low-key BMW off-road vehicle, parked in the commercial parking shed next to him, and hurried to chase Jason.

Jason kept his head down and walked forward, without noticing a big-tailed wolf behind him.

Janice wondered, “Where is this guy going?”

Jacob was not worried about Jason, and frequently called to inquire about Janice. Janice also patiently reported the situation of Jason to him at any time.

“The little bun is now in a residential building… the name of the community is Jinxiucheng. The greenery of the community looks good, but the building floors seem to be a little high, one, two, three… But the building decoration is not bad…”

On the other side of the phone, Jacob’s exquisite and handsome face was blackened. “Janice, I just want to know the situation of Jason, and I have no interest in the green decoration of the community.”

Janice flatly said, “Big Brother, don’t you want to know what kind of identity, status, and financial resources the person Jason wants to meet?”

“I don’t want to know.” Jacob gritted his teeth and said angrily, “He wants to see his mother Grace.”

Janice was dumb. Very frustrated, said, “So you know all about it?”

“Go and see what exactly Grace’s conspiracy is to trick Jason into turning around.” Jacob said angrily.

Janice nodded, “Okay.”

Jason went straight to the downstairs of the nine buildings, stretched out his hand and pressed a few numbers on the door-opening button, acting skillfully.

Janice was stunned, “This guy doesn’t seem to be here for the first time?”

The bell rang and the door opened. After Jason went in, the gate of the building was automatically closed again.

When Janice ran to the gate of the building, it was already too late.

“Wow. What to do, what to do, lost it?” Janice was anxious.

The next moment, the ninth floor.


When the doorbell rang, Grace in the house was making breakfast for the child. Today’s breakfast is very rich. In addition to Derek and Faith, she also made a cake for children. She probably had an unrealistic dream in her heart, hoping that Jason could one day have breakfast with them.

Hearing the door bell, Grace came to the door without removing her apron. Looking out through the cat’s eyes and seeing the small figure outside the door, Grace immediately opened the anti-theft door.

Jason banged at the door, tears hanging on his cool face. Grace was so unexpected, she couldn’t believe it, was this her battle suicide?

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