Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

She suddenly ran to the back room, she was not sure whether Derek was at home. Because sometimes Derek would go out to play alone. She thought she missed Jason too much, so she mistakenly mistaken Derek for Jason?

Jason saw Mommy saw him and ran away again, teardrops from the corners of his eyes could no longer help.

However, the next moment, Grace ran out again, holding Jason tightly in her arms.

“Jas, it’s really you.” She was very happy, very excited. She hugged Jason, and then locked the door with her backhand and shouted at the two sleepworms in the back room, “Derek, Faith. Come out quickly. See who is here?”

Derek and Faith ran out quickly in their pajamas. Seeing Jason, Faith’s eyes widened. “It looks exactly like Derek?”

Derek looked at Zhan and smiled.

Grace was obviously more excited than the children, she said incoherently, “You let Mommy calm down, and Mommy think about how to introduce him to you!”

Derek smiled, “Mommy, his name is Jason. But we don’t know if he is the older brother or younger brother.”

Grace was shocked. “How did you know?”

Derek walked to Jason, and affectionately took Jason’s hand, “Mommy, I have already met Jason.”

Grace was shocked by the news. The brain momentarily enters the card machine state.

Jason suddenly approached Grace, begging in a soft voice, “Mommy, don’t go.”

Grace burst into tears instantly. She hugged Jason tightly, and her tears flowed down her cheeks to Jason’s face. She didn’t know whether she was excited or surprised, but she was sure of the great touch Jason brought her.

“I’m sorry, Jas.” Grace’s words have been hidden in her heart for a long time. She fantasizes about it all the time. One day, if given the opportunity, she will definitely say these three words to Jason.

“Mummy shouldn’t leave you behind.” Grace cried and confessed. “Mommy has abandoned you once, this time Mommy will not leave.”

Jason’s eyes were red, and he reached out his hand to dry her tears, “Don’t cry. I forgive you.”

Faith’s childish gaze looked at Derek and Jason for a while, then cheered, “Great. I have two brothers. This is so cool.”

Grace finally recovered from the surprise of Jason’s arrival. She pulled Jason to the table and opened the cake for him.

If Faith had some enlightenment, she cried out in a soft voice, “Ah, it turns out that Mommy has to make an extra portion every time she makes a good meal, it’s for Brother Jason!”

Derek corrected Faith’s name, “Mummy hasn’t said whether Jason is the older brother or younger brother? Maybe he is the youngest.”

The three children looked forward to Grace together. Grace smiled and revealed the truth, “Jason is your brother.”

Derek whimpered. A little disappointed at this result.

Grace told the three Mengbaos one more thing: “When Mommy decided to leave a child to his father, Jas won the remaining lottery.”

Grace looked at Jason guiltily, “Jas, Mommy didn’t leave you on purpose.”

Jason felt extremely happy when he learned that Mommy didn’t abandon herself mercilessly, but that his destiny chose to keep him by his side.

It turns out that he is not the child abandoned by Mummy.

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