Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

After speaking, Xu Yanhong turned to Huang Tao and said:

“Hurry up, call Boss Wu and ask him to bring someone over and take off this kid’s clothes!”

Hearing this, a thick sulky smile appeared on Huang Tao’s face, then he took out his mobile phone and wanted to call Wu Guangrong.

However, the number has not been pressed yet!

A group of people shouted and rushed in:

“what happened?”

These people are all security guards of the mall, each of them is strong and sturdy.

Especially the fat man headed by them is even more fierce and evil.

When they saw this person, Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong were instantly overjoyed:

“Boss Wu!”

This fat man is Wu Guangrong. He just sent Liu Zhen and the others away, so he will back soon.

But I didn’t expect Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong to be here.

He knows Huang Tao already.

Huang Tao’s Laozi, named Huang Guosheng, is the largest medicinal material dealer in Jiang City. In normal times, Wu Guangrong and Huang Guosheng have some friendship.

“Uncle Wu, you just came! We caught a thief!” Huang Tao quickly came forward and said to Wu Guangrong.

While speaking, he lowered his voice:

“Uncle Wu, hurry! Let me have someone take off the clothes of that little beast! As long as you help me snatch his clothes, I will give Uncle Wu 50 million! How about?”

One piece of clothing, fifty million!

This number caused Wu Guangrong’s eyelids to twitch. He never thought that Huang Tao’s handwriting was so big.

It’s just that he doesn’t understand, what kind of clothes are so valuable!

“Huang Tao, whose clothes are you talking about? There are distinguished guests today, don’t mess with me!” Wu Guangrong’s face was gloomy.

Fifty million naturally moved his heart, but he knew that there was a big figure here and he could never offend him.

“Uncle Wu, don’t worry, it’s just a little beast! No money, no power, no background!”

With that, Huang Tao pointed to Shaun and said to Wu Guangrong:

“It’s him! Uncle Wu, let me get this little beast’s clothes off!”


Right now, Wu Guangrong looked in the direction of Huang Tao’s finger.

Only when he saw Shaun in the crowd!


Wu Guangrong only felt like thunders, making him dizzy and almost falling to the ground.


Wu Guangrong never imagined that Huang Tao would have an enemy with Shaun, especially Shaun’s clothes.

The cold sweat rushed from Wu Guangrong’s forehead, and his complexion was as white as paper.

At the moment, he wanted to ask Shaun for forgiveness, but was stopped by Shaun’s eyes.

“Uncle Wu, what are you doing in a daze? This guy is just a little crap. Go strip off his clothes, then slap him a hundred times and throw him out!”

The vicious smiles on Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong’s faces grew thicker, and they couldn’t wait to see how embarrassing Shaun was.

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