Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

After Jacob learned that Janice had lost track of Jason, he was very reluctant to call Grace because of concerns about Jason’s safety.

Grace looked at the caller ID on the screen of the phone, shaking with fear, and shaking his hand, the phone fell to the ground accidentally.

After hearing a muffled sound, the back panel of the mobile phone and the host were separated, the mobile phone was automatically powered off, and the ringing of the incoming call stopped abruptly.

When Jacob heard Grace’s mobile phone connected to the prompt sound, he heard the prompt sound of shutting down, and his face sank with anger.

How dare she shut down?

Jacob decided to go to Splendid City to inquire about her crimes. When he drove the Rolls-Royce out of the garage, Grace’s phone called back.

Jacob was instantly lost when he saw her call, but felt that the reason she succumbed to him was simply because he held her mother’s lifeline. Otherwise she would not be merciful to call him back.

“Master Zhan, something happened just now. I didn’t intentionally hang up your phone…” Grace carefully explained the reason for the power failure just now.

Jacob curled his lips and said coldly, “I thought it was you who did not dare to answer my call!”

Grace burst into sweat. Is this guy quite accurate?

“Where are you Jason?”

Grace responded timidly, “Yes.”

“Why did Jason appear in your house?” Jacob asked coldly.

“I don’t know…” Grace was also puzzled.

“Grace, stop hurting Jason.” Jacob said in anger.

In principle, as long as Jacob does not challenge her patience, her temperament is relatively gentle. However, Jacob always had the idea of bullying her when facing the gentle Grace.

“Master Zhan, how can you say that I hurt my child? Jason is my child. It is too late for me to love him. How can I hurt him? Isn’t it your responsibility to run away from home this morning?” No Reluctant to be beaten by Jacob, Grace in turn accused Jacob.

“Grace, don’t involve our children with the rules of the game in our adult world.” Jacob remembered that Grace called Jason in the middle of the night and asked the child to go out in the weary early morning to find her. The child was emotionally out of control, but she didn’t realize her mistake. Such a selfish woman is simply a mother in vain.

Thinking of this, he was very hot, and he was anxious to vent his dissatisfaction with Grace in the most vicious language. “How can you send that kind of text message to your child in the middle of the night?”

Grace felt extremely confused, “Zhan Ye, I haven’t sent a text message to Jas?”

Her utter denial even provoked Jacob’s immense anger. “I found that I was so kind to you! A woman like you who lied about you, I should cut you off from the beginning. Grace, tell Jason the news that you are leaving forever, dare you say that you did not do it? Is it?”

Grace was dumbfounded.

Jacob’s condemnation, resentment and anger, fettered her tightly like a shackle.

But he was really wronged, “I swear, I really didn’t send a message like that to Jason. Please believe me?” Grace weakly defended.

“Grace, how do you make me believe you? Except for you and me, who knows that you are leaving tomorrow?” Jacob questioned.

Grace gave an initiation, this news, not only she and Jacob knew, there was another person who knew – that was Derek.

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