Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

“Why don’t you speak anymore, there’s no reason to quibble?” Jacob sneered.

Grace’s tough tone was visibly weakened, “I think I need to sort out what happened recently.”

Jacob hung up with a snap.

Grace roared at the East Lion of the Derek River in the game area. “Derek, come here for you.”

Derek stood in front of Grace with the most standard military posture at the fastest speed. “Luo Zihan came to report. What instructions do the superiors have?”

Grace asked with hands on her hips digging into the ground, “You honestly confess what you have done with Jason recently?”

“Mommy, I was wrong.” Seeing that Mommy was angry, Derek bowed his head and admitted his mistake sincerely.

“Don’t be sloppy, this matter is very important, you have to be honest.”

As soon as Derek heard that the matter was of great importance, he recruited it truthfully, “Mommy, don’t be angry when I said you. A few days ago, I exchanged identities with Jason, and I went to school to teach his bully classmates, I I also visited his daddy and lived with his daddy for two days. His daddy is very good, can cook, can make money, and he is super handsome—”

Seeing Grace’s sullen eyes, Derek’s conversation turned, “But in my heart it’s still the best…”

Grace wanted to cry without tears, “You bear boy, do you know that you got into trouble? Because you messed up into the world of Jason, making Daddy Jason mistakenly think that Jason had spermopathy. He is looking for a doctor to treat him. What?”

Jason did not know when he had been standing at the door, and said dullly, “I don’t want treatment.”

Derek took the role of a little man. He patted his chest and said, “Mummy, this incident is my fault. I won’t let Jason suffer from me. The big deal is that I will return to the sea and the sky for Jason, and I will take medicine for Jason.”

Grace looked at Derek who was so energetic, her mind moved slightly at that moment.

She knows the child Derek best. He has been very independent and self-improving since he was a child, and he also has his own opinions.

The child Jason is sensitive (sense) delicate, taciturn, and not good at communicating with others.

If Jason was sent back to Haitian Yishi, such overbearing parents as Jacob would definitely force Jason to accept treatment for spermopathy. In addition to taking medicine obediently, Jason was out of control. Either way, it is a great harm to Jason. But Derek is different. The ghostly spirit he has dozens of ways to resist Jacob’s excessive treatment.

Grace suddenly held Jason’s face and said a little excitedly, “Jason, would you like to stay with Mommy?”

Jason nodded.

Grace turned her head and asked Derek again, “Derek, you really want to go…” She was obstructed and sent Derek to Jacob, but she was reluctant after all.

When Derek saw Mommy’s eyes were red, he knew that Mommy could not bear it. He gently patted Mommy’s head and comforted. “Mommy, don’t worry, I will call you secretly, and I will sneak out to see you.”

Grace hugged Derek into her arms. Kissed his little cheek.

“Thank you. Derek!” Jason walked over and said to Derek coolly.

Derek was very righteous and said, “Are we good brothers! We don’t need to say these two words between us. Never use it!”

Grace looked at the two brothers who were deeply affectionate, smiling like a flower.

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