Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

When Jacob came to the gate of Jiudong Community in Fairview City, Janice got out from behind the Taihu Stone and said in a depressed mood, “I’m waiting for the flowers to thank you. Why hasn’t Jason this little ancestor come out yet?

Jacob gazed at the closed door of the building and turned around and ordered Guan Xiao, who was coming with him, “Go to the property management office to check Grace’s house number immediately.”

When Guan Xiao was about to leave, the door of the building was suddenly opened. Grace walked out holding “Jason”, her eyes red, as if she had already cried.

“Sister-in-law?” Seeing Grace, Janice shouted with a smile.

However, she was stared by Jacob’s death, “Don’t bark, she has nothing to do with our Zhan Family.”

Photographed by Janice under the pressure of her eldest brother, he only dared to mutter in a low voice, “It doesn’t matter, she is Jason’s mom.”

Jacob looked at Janice as if she was about to eat people. Janice patted her mouth and said, “It’s okay, I’m not talking anymore, should I?”

Grace walked to Jacob holding “Jason” and looked at “Jason” reluctantly. Without saying anything, Jacob snatched the child away simply and rudely.

“War Sui, let’s go.”

There was no extra word, so he picked up the child and walked outside.

Grace stayed in place, looking at Derek reluctantly. Derek waved at her and comforted Mommy warmly and thoughtfully, “Mommy, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.”

Jacob gritted his teeth and said gloomily, “Who told you that she is your mummy? She is not.”

“She is.” Derek said angrily, “Although I look like you, it only shows that your genes are too bullying and hide Mommy’s gentle genes.”

Jacob was full of sullen anger because of Derek’s words, and Binghan’s pupils burst into an imperceptible smile.

Janice broke the power in a second, and burst into laughter, “Jason, you are too right. The genes your father gave you are all dominant genes, and the genes your mommy gives you are recessive. Gene. So you look like Daddy.”

Guan Xiao tried desperately to avoid making herself laugh.

Derek looked at Jacob who was smiling but not smiling, and teased, “Daddy. You laugh if you want to. Why hide your emotions? You are not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

This time, even Guan Xiao laughed.

Jacob looked at Derek’s naughty upgrade, and there was no trace of sadness or depression on the child’s lively face. Childhood arrogant and domineering written in the eyebrows, so immature that people dare not disturb.

He restrained his unhappiness and said with a smile, “In a good mood today?”

Derek hugged his neck, took the initiative to put his little lip, and smeared Jacob’s saliva on Daddy’s face. “Daddy, don’t be angry. I will say hello to you before I leave home next time.”

“Well, there will be a second time?”

Derek said frankly, “It’s great to run away from home for a while, and it’s always cool to run away from home all the time.”

Janice was so funny by this nephew that her nerves were completely out of control, and she leaned forward and backward with a smile along the way, “Jason, your dual personality is too amazing. One personality is so cool and handsome, and the other is cute. Extreme. My aunt likes it very much, what should I do?”

After getting in the car, Janice was full of praise for her nephew’s performance today.

Speaking of Jason’s dual personality, Jacob’s face fell dark. “Janice, no one will be dumb if you don’t speak.”

She feels that Jason (sense) is fragile, and Janice’s carefree temper will stimulate Jason’s fragile heart. Because the doctor deliberately reminded him that children with mental illness are more suspicious than normal children.

Unexpectedly, today’s “War Sui” is really too powerful. Faced with the outspoken ridicule of my aunt, Derek went back and said, “My aunt, you are lonely and ignorant. I am not a dual personality…” he changed his horror suddenly. The voice that will only appear in the movie, “I was reborn after being taken away from me.”

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