Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Aunt Zhang smiled from ear to ear.

And her words made Paula’s heart more bitter.

Even she has to admit that Kong Peng, a manager, has the ability to let the boss visit the door in person, which is too good!

“Boss Wu, why are you here? Quick! Please sit inside!”

At this moment Kong Peng hurried forward and said respectfully to Wu Guangrong.

Just heard this!

Wu Guangrong was taken aback for a moment, and asked suspiciously:

“who are you?”


This sentence made Kong Peng, Aunt Zhang, Xiao Cui, and others all bewildered.

Didn’t Mr. Wu come to see Kong Peng?

How come you don’t even know Kong Peng himself.

Kong Peng’s complexion was slightly stiff, and then he said with a slight embarrassment:

“Boss Wu, I’m Kong Peng, the new manager in charge of the warehouse! Didn’t you come to me?”

Hearing this, Wu Guangrong suddenly understood.

Looking for you?

What a sh!t!

Only a small manager, how qualified to know him Wu Guangrong.

“Huh! What are you, worthy of my visit by Wu Guangrong?”

Wu Guangrong’s words didn’t leave any affection.

The expressions on the faces of Kong Peng, Aunt Zhang and others froze completely.

However, there is more to it!

Wu Guangrong continued:

“We are here for Mrs. Lin’s mother-in-law, Ms. Paula? Excuse me, which one is Ms. Paula?”


As soon as this remark came out, not only Kong Peng and the others were shocked, but even Paula herself was dumbfounded.

She never thought that such a group of big people would come to find her?

Could Shaun cause trouble again?

Thinking of this, Paula felt cold and said tremblingly:

“me… my name is Paula! The Mr. Lin you are talking about, is it my son-in-law Shaun?”

Heard this!

Wu Guangrong’s eyes lit up immediately, and then he brought a group of senior group leaders, including the general manager and vice president near Paula.

Then, Qi Qi bowed!

“Ms. Paula, hello! This is Wu Guangrong, you can call me Xiao Wu!”

“Mr. Lin is a super VIP of our Best Shopping Mall! This time, we specially brought thirty-two Armani men’s wear, twelve women’s wear, and some gifts for your house!”

Just call me Xiao Wu!

After hearing Wu Guangrong’s words, Kong Peng was completely stunned and could hardly believe his ears.

But he knew that Wu Guangrong was extremely arrogant and had high eyes. Even a Jiangshi boss of the same level would be a bird.

And now, he was so respectful in front of Paula, it was incredible.

It’s more than that!

“This… these expensive things are all given to Aunt Paula

Kong Peng looked at the clothes, leather shoes, jewelry calligraphy, sea cucumber and cordyceps, and other gifts in the hands of Wu Guangrong and others, completely dumbfounded.

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