Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Janice couldn’t laugh anymore.

Because he realized that Jason’s spermopathy seemed to be getting worse.

“It’s over, brother, I feel that my little ancestor’s schizophrenia has reached the point where it is hopeless.”

Looking at the smiling Derek, Jacob became extremely solemn.

So when Jacob brought Derek home, the first thing he did was to find a bunch of white pills and trick Derek into taking the medicine. “Hey, take the medicine.”

The young Derek sighed, “Hey. If the heavens come to the people, they must first hung their muscles and bones, and empty their bodies…”

Looking at such a smart and lovely son, Jacob was crying blood at that moment.

Derek took the medicine and looked at Daddy pitifully, “Daddy, can you not take it?”

Janice cheered on the fire, “No, Jason, your illness is already very serious. You’ll be done without taking medicine.”

Derek put the medicine into his mouth and pressed it under his tongue. “I want to drink.”

Jacob immediately got up to pour water for him.

Derek begged to fight Janice, “Auntie, this medicine is so bitter, can you go get me a chocolate?”

Janice was very happy, “As long as you take medicine obediently, not to mention chocolate, even the aunt of the stars in the sky will pick it for you.”

After Janice left, Derek spit out the pill, wrapped it in a tissue, and threw it into the trash can next to it.

Jacob brought warm boiled water over, and Derek drank a large bottle while holding the cup, “It’s bitter.”

Jacob didn’t expect that “Jason” would cooperate with him so much, rubbing his hair rewardingly, “You are so behaved today, what do you want to eat tonight, daddy will give you something to eat.”

“I’m going to KFC for pizza.” Derek cheered.

Jacob was dazed…

Seeing his daddy hesitated, Derek thought it was too expensive, “McDonald’s is fine too?”

Jacob’s handsome face collapsed instantly.

Janice came downstairs, hearing Derek’s voice almost fell down.

“Big Brother, it doesn’t look like spermatozosis in my family’s battle, but it really seems to be taken away?”

“What do you mean?” Jacob never read online texts, and was very unfamiliar with the terminology used to pass through the text.

“It’s the soul replacement!” Janice succinctly said to Jacob.

Jacob handed his sister a speechless look.

Janice gave full play to her gossip professionalism and analyzed it to Jacob seriously, “Brother, listen to me, if Jason gets spermia, even if he has a dual personality, whether he is outgoing or Introverted, what he said and did should be based on his own experience and lessons.

But now in the battle, you know taekwondo, and you know that KFC McDonald’s fast-food restaurants, which he has never seen before, don’t you think it’s more like something experienced by another soul? “

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