Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Derek was speechless, teasing Janice, “Auntie, your brain circuit is so strange, it’s a pity not to write a book.”

Janice instinctively tried to pull Derek’s ears. Every time she had a conflict with Jason, her inertial action was to pull Jason’s ears. Jason will resist her violence with avoidance and death gaze. But at this moment, it was Derek, who had learned Taekwondo, and his first reaction to violence was not to avoid it, but to apply what he learned.

He blocked Janice’s arm hard, and then he grabbed Janice’s hand and twisted it backwards. Janice yelled in pain.

“Ah-it hurts me! Jason, let go.”

Derek let go of Janice, Janice shook her aching arm, looking at Jacob in deep suspense, “Brother, did you see it? I told you that your little ancestor knows taekwondo, don’t you believe it? Do you believe it now?”

Jacob looked at Derek in disbelief. Just now, “Jason” had a quicker response than ordinary people, and his movements were chic and neat. Even his bodyguards might be indistinguishable from him in terms of speed.

Derek got up from the sofa with a guilty conscience, preparing to sneak upstairs.

“Jas, when did you learn Taekwondo?” Jacob’s voice sounded.

Derek stopped, turned his head to face Jacob and laughed, “Daddy, I don’t know Taekwondo! I just hate my sister-in-law pinching my ears, and I’m a little heavy in the rush…”

Jacob felt that there was some truth to what Derek said, so he didn’t ask any more questions. It’s just that the faint eyes gleaming, and the look in Derek’s eyes is also meaningful. Suddenly said, “Go and clean up, Dad will take you to KFC.”

Derek cheered with joy.

Janice seemed to be struck by lightning, looking at Jacob stupidly, “Brother, are you not afraid that others suspect that Media Asia is going bankrupt?”

Jacob’s handsome face overflowed with a confident and mad smile, “Do you think Brother’s partners are as mindless as you?”

Janice said, “Then you are not afraid of hot searches?”

“Which single-celled animal is stupid enough to make a hot search for elite hackers?” Jacob said coldly.

Janice was dumb.

Although Jacob is her own brother. Sometimes she really hates the arrogant appearance of her brother.

After a while, Derek was carrying a small school bag and holding a cartoon water cup in his hand, jumping down the stairs.

“Daddy, I’m ready, let’s go.” Derek’s soft and cute voice rang lightly and cheerfully.

Jacob stood up and walked outside holding Derek’s small hand.

Janice followed suit, and Jacob asked her, “Are you sure you want to go to KFC?”

Janice gritted his teeth and showed the determination of the strong man to break his wrist, “Go, I will go wherever Jason went. If I don’t dig out this kid’s secret, I won’t be called Janice.”

Derek stuck his tongue out, “Auntie, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to call Janice, but Lan Xiang is more appropriate for you.”

“Lan Xiang? What is Lan Xiang?” Janice thought this name was so familiar, but for a while, he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Until Derek Lise reminded her, “Which company is strong in mining technology, Shandong will look for Lan Xiang!”

Jacob couldn’t help but laugh.

Janice stamped his feet with anger, “You brat ridiculing me as an excavator, right?”

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