Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Derek said, “Isn’t it? You love gossip, and you love to peek at other people’s secrets. You have to dig out the secrets of the eighteenth generations of other people’s ancestors. You are not an excavator?”

Janice was so angry that she was about to punch Derek with his fist, and Derek jumped up and down in the room. Janice chased him for a long time, and she was so tired that she could not even touch Derek’s clothes.

Jacob looked at the two aunts and nephews who were playing happily. Although the changes in “War Sui” caught him off guard, if such a sunny and lively “War Sui” could become an eternal symbol of his character, it would seem to be very good. Good choice.

When leaving for KFC, the task of driving fell to Janice because the driver was not there. Jacob and his son sat in the back seats, and Janice deliberately adjusted the position of the rearview mirror so that she could see the situation of “Jason” at any time.

Derek lay in the arms of Jacob, and his soft little hands touched Daddy’s nose for a while, and touched Daddy’s hair for a while, just when he didn’t stop for a moment.

“This child has ADHD?” Janice couldn’t help but say.

Jacob’s eyes were dark, yes, the former Jason sat in the car like a puppet. But today’s “War Sui”, hands and feet move, not idle for a moment.

Jacob’s eyes were suddenly stained with worries. In order to prevent his son from discovering his abnormal emotions, he glanced out the window.

Outside the window, there are busy traffic, the lights are on, and the flowers bloom. Colorful colors shot into his heart, but they were still buried by his black, white and ash.

He wondered that Grace would leave tomorrow morning. As long as she leaves Zhansu forever, Zhansu’s illness will slowly stabilize, slowly reduce, until recovery.

Regardless of whether God gave him a reticent or lively battle, as long as he was healthy, he would gladly accept it.

KFC’s pizza is very delicious. Jacob and Janice watched his skillful splitting of pizza, chewing wax.

Derek ate the remaining pizza, and he carefully packed it into his small backpack. Looking at such a thrifty “Jason”, Jacob felt even more miserable.

Janice took out Derek’s pizza again, threw it in the trash can, and said, “Little ancestor, you still store the leftover pizza as a treasure. This is a bad habit.”

Derek was very angry, “You are a waste. It is shameful to waste!”

Jacob tasted the bit by bit changes in the battle, as if a trickle finally converged into a majestic sea. Let his heart suddenly become depressed.

Jason is more familiar with KFC than he and Janice. If he was not wise enough, or that he was an idealist atheist, then even he should suspect that Jason was taken away.

On the way back, Derek fell asleep in Jacob’s arms.

Jacob suddenly called out his sister’s name, “Janice!”

“Huh?” Janice was driving the car intently, and when she heard Jacob calling her, she turned her head unexpectedly.

“You do something for your brother.”

Janice looked at his serious brother, knowing that this matter was not trivial. “Brother, you say! As long as it’s within my power, even if it’s bloody and dreadful, I will do it for you.”

“I want to know why every time Jason met Grace, he would become another person.” Jacob paused and said.

Janice came to her senses, “Are you asking me to investigate Grace?”

“She will leave the city tomorrow. You have to hurry up.”

“no problem.”

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