Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Janice really has the potential to be a paparazzi. The beautiful and charming eldest lady, just because of a word from her brother, she spared no effort to stay at the gate of Jinxiu City’s residential complex overnight.

That night, Grace could not sleep all night.

Jacob asked her to leave within a limited time, but she couldn’t persuade herself to abandon her child again.

This time, she decided to stay bravely.

Just thinking that Jacob would trouble her, Grace had to make the decision to move.

When it was dark, Grace pushed two huge suitcases downstairs. Jason and Faith sat sleepily on the suitcases.

As soon as Grace left the gate of the community, Janice got out of her private car. “Sister-in-law.”

Maybe the sky was not clear enough, and Janice treated the two sleepers on the suitcase as puppet dolls. Her gaze was focused on Grace.

Seeing Janice, Grace was slightly startled. She remembered Janice. On the day she returned to China, she regarded this gorgeous girl as Jacob’s new love. But only yesterday she knew that she turned out to be Jacob’s sister.

They should have met at her wedding five years ago. The nobleman Grace had forgotten so much that she had completely forgotten Janice.

“Why are you here?” Grace looked at the paparazzi equipment hanging on her chest-the camera. Asked suspiciously.

Janice tucked off her slightly messy long hair and chuckled narrowly. “you guess?”

Grace squeezed out a smile that couldn’t tell.

When she was still in the Zhan Family a few years ago, she had heard anecdotes about this wealthy daughter. She fell in love with a military officer at a young age, so she was admitted to the military academy for criminal investigation with her excellent results. It’s a pity that love didn’t bloom and bear fruit, and the schoolwork of this young lady was abandoned.

Presumably Jacob used her expertise and sent her to monitor her whereabouts.

What to do, with Janice, wouldn’t she let her secrets to Jacob if she didn’t go abroad?

Grace looked at Janice, thinking in her heart: She and Janice are actually the same kind of people. The rich and powerful daughters have never suffered, so they are filled with poems and distant places. I was embarrassed for love, leaving only exhaustion and struggling.

Since the same people fall into the world, there must be many common languages.

“I’m moving, if Miss Zhan doesn’t mind, go to my new home and sit down!” Grace said openly.

Janice was stunned, “My eldest brother wants you to leave the country within a limited time. If you violate his order, the consequences will be disastrous.”

Grace smiled bitterly, “I didn’t violate his will once or twice. Look, I’m not standing in front of you vividly?”

Janice is well aware of Jacob’s temper, and his wonderful character, which must be reported, has defended countless enemies in the market. The final outcome of his opponent is either a madman or a beggar without dignity.

The eldest brother obviously hates Grace so much, and Grace has repeatedly violated the will of the elder brother, but Grace can still stand in front of her vividly, Janice can only sigh, one thing drops one thing.

However, Grace’s character of having fun in hardship is in line with Janice’s taste. To this sister-in-law, Janice actually felt a sense of hatred for seeing each other.

“Sister-in-law, it is better to be respectful. Then you take my car and I will drive you there.”

Grace smiled and nodded.

Only then did Janice think about sharing the burden of saluting for Grace. When she stretched out her hand to receive Grace’s salute, Jason suddenly acted and opened her hand in disgust.

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