Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Thinking of this, Elvira couldn’t help looking at Shaun.

“Since Boss Wu has shown his good intentions, Elvira, accept it!” Shaun smiled.

It seemed that everything in front of him had nothing to do with him.

Heard this!

Elvira also found out that Wu Guangrong, as if he had received an amnesty because of Shaun’s words, let out a long sigh of relief, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead wildly, and then said flatly:

“Since, Mr. Lin has said everything, then I will send someone to your home now!”

After speaking, Wu Guangrong hurriedly sent someone to send these packages to Bai’s house.

It’s more than that!

Elder Yang, who was on the side, also came over. He rubbed his hands and smiled at Shaun and said:

“Little sir, I seemed to have heard that your company also has a clothing business, right?”

Old Yang’s expression was full of tension.

He looked at Shaun, his expression filled with awe.

Faintly, he seemed to have guessed the identity of Shaun.

“Yes!” Shaun nodded, and looked at Old Yang’s gaze, revealing a deep meaning.

“Great!” Old Yang smiled with joy, and then quickly said:

“I have some talent for fashion! As long as I don’t give up, from today onwards, Laogu will personally design clothes for your company! No cents!”


As soon as Mr. Yang’s words came out, Elvira’s head went down.

Who is Old Yang!

This is one of China’s four top fashion designers. Any piece of work can lead the trend for a while. Xu Yanhong spent a sky-high price to invite the other over party.

And now, Mr. Yang took the initiative to ask Lin to help his company design clothes, and he didn’t take any money!

This… is simply a pie in the sky!

Elvira only felt what was happening in front of her, as if she was dreaming, it made her forget to reply for a moment.

“Yes!” Shaun nodded lightly, looked at Old Yang’s gaze, full of deep meaning, then he turned his head and said to Elvira:

“Wife, let’s go!”

After speaking, he pulled the bewildered Elvira straight to the door of the shop.


This scene fell in the eyes of Xu Yanhong and her husband, and they suddenly made them feel as if they had been bombarded by five thunders, with their faces as dead.

How could this be!

Yang Lao was invited by Xu Yanhong and her husband, and it cost sky-high prices. Why is Elvira’s company now gets him for free.

“No! Old Yang, you were invited by our company at a high price! You can’t do this! If you go, our company will be over!”

“Old Yang, please stay! Uncle Wu, I am Huang Tao, are you crazy? Let them stop and stop beating us!”

“Old Yang, you can’t go! Can’t…”

The two were startled and angry, howling miserably.

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