Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

However, whether it was Lao Yang or Wu Guangrong, they turned a deaf ear, as if they were a follower, silently following Shaun and Elvira, and left the shop!


Just stepping out of the shop, Elvira could not help but let out a long sigh of relief.

Until then!

She still seemed to be dreaming.

My husband’s clothes are imperial clothes worth hundreds of millions!

Without spending a penny, I got an Armani fashion worth millions!

Even if the money has not been moved, there will be a top fashion designer like Yang Lao who will join in!

She couldn’t believe this one thing at all, but she had to believe it.

“Is it all because of him?”

Elvira is not stupid.

Her eyes couldn’t help looking at Shaun beside her, and the look on her pretty face became more complicated.

She felt more and more that her husband was a mystery!

The more contact, the more mysterious he becomes.

And at the moment!

Just when Elvira walked out of the shop and was in a daze!

Respectful voices resounded from both sides:

“Send Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!”


Elvira was shocked by this uniform shout.

She quickly turned her head and looked to the sides, only to find in shock that all the customers in the entire mall had been emptied.

One by one, the top executives, elites, managers, shopping guides, and security guards of Best Mall stood on both sides of the road.

The densely packed staff separated a road.

When she and Shaun passed by!

These hundred members bowed and saluted one after another!


“Send Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!”

“Send Mr. Lin! Mrs. Lin!”


There was a deep respect and humility in the voice.

This scene was extremely spectacular, and it made Elvira even dreaming.

This… what happened!

Could it be that Best Shopping Mall cleared the market because of themselves and Shaun, and all the staff were seeing off for them?

This is incredible.

at the same time!

Liyuan Gardens.

Paula sat in the house of her neighbor Aunt Zhang, restless, embarrassment and helplessness written on her face.

“Aunt Shen, do you think I look good in this one?” Aunt Zhang changed into brightly colored clothes, turned around in front of Paula, and said smugly:

“Oh! My son-in-law is so filial! This dress is worth thousands of dollars!”

“Tsk tut, it’s so expensive!”

Although Aunt Zhang said expensive, the smile on her face was so proud of the spring breeze.

next to!

Aunt Zhang’s daughter and son-in-law also wore glamorous clothes.

Daughter Xiaocui said quickly:

“Mom! Look at you, I still feel sorry for the money! Our family Kong Peng has now become the manager of the Best Store warehouse! Earns Tens of thousands a month!”

“Don’t care about this little money!”

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