Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

The crackling slap, like raindrops, slammed Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao’s faces.

Suddenly they screamed again and again:

“Wrong! Wrong!”

“That little beast is over there, how do you hit us! Stop! Uncle Wu, let them stop!”

The cheeks of Xu Yanhong and her husband became red and swollen almost visible to the naked eye.

With disheveled hair and blood flowing from the corners of their mouth, they looked miserable and embarrassed.

Not only that!

The clothes on their bodies were torn and scattered, and in the blink of an eye, their bodies were in tatters and looked like two beggars.


Not only Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao were dumbfounded, but at this moment, even Elvira and Old Yang were stunned.

What…what’s going on?

Wasn’t Huang Tao talking and laughing with Wu Guangrong just now, embarrassed?

In a blink of an eye, Wu Guangrong slapped Huang Tao cruelly, which made them unable to believe their eyes.

It’s more than that!

At this moment, everyone saw a thick grin on Wu Guangrong’s face, staring at the two and said:

“Huh! What kind of things are you guys, dare to take it forcibly in my Best Shopping Mall! How can I, Wu Guangrong, be such an indecent person! Damn it!”

“Hit! Give me a hard hit! After beating, take off their clothes and throw them out of the mall!”

Heard this!

Suddenly, the security guards slapped, hard and hard.

The screams of killing pigs were extremely harsh in the shop.

In a blink of an eye!

The cheeks of Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong had been drawn with blood and turned into pigs.

Until then!

Wu Guangrong came to Elvira and Shaun with a full face of flattery, and said respectfully:

“Two distinguished guests, I’m really sorry, I was shocked just now!”

“In order to express our apologies to Best Mall, I will give away all the clothes you just selected for free!”


Elvira couldn’t believe her ears.

Then, under her dumbfounded, Wu Guangrong waved his hand, and suddenly a famous shopping guide began to pack up pieces of expensive Armani suits.

Each piece is worth thousands of yaun.

In short span of time, a dazzling array of packages, a full twenty or thirty packages, were placed in front of Elvira.

Elvira glanced at it and knew that this was at least millions of dollars expensive.

This scene made Elvira feel as if she was dreaming.

What…what’s going on?

Wu Guangrong not only made people beat Huang Tao and his wife, and even gave away clothes worth millions, especially his look, as if he was trying to please himself and Shaun, this…how could it be possible.

Elvira knows herself.

Although she was formerly known as the chief beauty of Jiang City, she is not in the same rank as Wu Guangrong.

So, Wu Guangrong was not trying to please himself, but more like to please… Shaun?

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