Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Not only them!

Elvira stood covering her small mouth with her hand in astonishment and incredible color gleamed in her beautiful eyes.

how is this possible!

How could my husband’s clothes be designed by the famous Catherine.

Especially the price is hundreds of millions. For Elvira, it is like a fantasy.

However, just when Elvira was about to ask.

A scream resounded:

“You bastard, stealing our company’s clothes! Take it off, take it off for us!”

Steal clothes?

After hearing this scream, everyone in the shop was stunned.

They saw that Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao seemed to be crazy, staring at Shaun, screaming angrily:

“Shaun! These clothes belong to our company, take them off quickly! Otherwise, if I ask someone to pick them up soon, then you will be completely shameless!”

“Yes! You are a thief who steals clothes! You are a little crap, how could you have this imperial outfit! You clearly stole this clothes from our company! Mr. Yang can testify!”

At this moment, Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao were completely occupied by greed.

Ming grab!

The two have already decided, no matter what, to take this emperor pretend as their own.

Not to mention, the value of hundreds of millions, just by Pelle Catherine’s name, can make their company famous and well-known at home and abroad with this piece of clothing.

Hearing this, everyone was stunned as they looked at the greedy faces of the two.

They couldn’t think that the two of them were so shameless, they were still laughing at this as a beggar pretend, and in a blink of an eye they wanted to take it for themselves, even at the mercy of the wicked first.

At this moment, Mr. Yang was flushed with anger. His trembling hands, pointed at Xu Yanhong and shouted:

“You…what are you doing? You are robbing him, and the wicked sue! Are you shameless?”

It was the first time that Mr. Yang saw such a shameless snatch.


Xu Yanhong and her huusband didn’t care about Yang’s accusations at all, they sneered and said:

“Old Yang, this matter has nothing to do with you, don’t worry about it!”

“To tell you the truth, we know Wu Guangrong, the owner of this mall! This time, in any case, this dress is also ours!”


When this remark came out, Old Yang was completely speechless with anger.

And Elvira on the side almost dripped water with a gloomy face:

“Xu Yanhong, are you crazy? This dress, Shaun has worn for three full years, how could he steal from your company?”

Elvira couldn’t believe that her husband’s clothes were so expensive!

But she never expected that Xu Yanhong and her husband were so shameless.

Look at Elvira!

The vicious look on Xu Yanhong’s face grew stronger and stronger:

“Huh! Elvira, today you have to take off, and you have to take off if you don’t!”

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