Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

be quiet!

In the entire hall, the atmosphere is extremely strange.

Paula and Yang Meifeng, until this moment, have not yet reacted from the shock just now.

Shaun beat Ma Zhitao?

Especially, after hitting people, Shaun was still mopping the ground slowly, as if he had just run over a fly.


The corners of Paula’s mouth twitched, only then did she wake up completely.

She immediately felt a pleasant feeling emanating from her heart.


All the depression and frustration just now have been vented under Shaun’s slap in the face.

Paula’s gaze when looking at Shaun also changed. For some reason, Shaun became more pleasing to the eye.

“Paula! Good… okay! You b!tch dare to condone that trash and beat my son-in-law! You see, I won’t tear your face!”

“Your family has nothing good!”

Yang Meifeng, who reacted, was furious.

Ma Zhitao is her son-in-law!

Hitting Ma Zhitao is equivalent to hitting her Yang Meifeng!

At the moment, she seemed to be crazy, so she rushed towards Paula, reaching out to tear Paula’s face!



Another slap in the face resounded.

Yang Meifeng was spanked and fell to the ground. A bright red palm print appeared on her face.

And the person who shot is still… Shaun!

“What are you, dare to scold my mother!” Shaun’s eyes were cold, his body exuded a kind of murderous air.

And this scene made Paula’s heart trembled.


Paula was in the Bai family before, and she has been irritated by the Bai family, swallowing her breath, and being ostracized!

Especially after Shaun entered in her family, their family became a joke to all the Bai family members!

But this time, Shaun did indeed help her out of a sigh.

Moreover, her son-in-law’s domineering and short-term protection gave her a strong warmth.

“You…Shaun, you dare to hit me! I’m Shirakawa’s wife, and I’m your second aunt!”

“You’re done! I will definitely report to the Mr. Bai, your whole family will get out of the Bai family!”

Yang Meifeng was completely mad.

Even if the son-in-law is beaten, this Shaun is so timid, he even beat himself!

It’s crazy.

Not only her!

At this moment, Ma Zhitao also woke up, his eyesight was splitting, almost crazy:

“Shaun, you bastard! You beat me, you beat my mother-in-law! Are you crazy?”

“Wait! The Bai Family Council is over for a while, I promise you all get out of the Bai Family, then I will kill you!”

Ma Zhitao’s voice is full of hatred!

And this sentence, like a burst of thunder, fell in Paula’s ears, making her sober up instantly.

not good!

Paula’s heart trembled.

Just now, she just felt comfortable in her heart, but forgot the situation in front of her!

My husband can’t come up with a plan!

And now, Shaun hit Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao again, and this one was completely over.

For an instant, Paula’s face turned pale.


“is it?”

The corner of Shaun’s mouth showed a strong playfulness:

“Unfortunately, it is not me who will be kicked out today, but you!”

“It is not ours who will be evicted from the house, but yours!”


Shaun’s words stunned Paula, Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao. They never thought that Shaun would say such words.

Isn’t this crazy?

“Hahaha…you lunatic, are you daydreaming?” Ma Zhitao’s gaze was full of spite, and he laughed and wanted to abuse again.

But at this moment!


With the sound of footsteps, a young man walked in from outside.

However, Harper!

Seeing Harper, Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao were overjoyed.

“Harper, you came at right moment! You are the future heir to the Bai family, do you think you are going to drive Shaun and Paula out of the house?”

Yang Meifeng stood up suddenly and grabbed Harper’s arm, as if grabbing a savior.

Harper, as the eldest son of uncle Haibai, has outstanding ability.

Almost the helm of the future Bai family agreed upon!

And Ma Zhitao said with the same ecstasy:

“Brother Harper, you have to call the shots for us! Shaun is such a trash and daring, he actually beat my mother-in-law and me, it’s damn!”

“We must drive him out! Drive out of our Bai family!”

The expressions of Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao were full of expectations.


Harper’s heart is extremely complicated.

In fact, he arrived long ago, and the reason he didn’t come in just now was to watch the development of the situation.

It’s just that he didn’t expect Shaun to be so strong!

Thought of this!

He looked at Shaun’s gaze, a touch of jealousy flashed, and he said in a deep voice:

“Shaun, the Grandpa called you, come with me!”


This sentence made Yang Meifeng, Ma Zhitao, and Paula all stunned.

The Grandpa is looking for Shaun?

How can this be!

They all know that Shaun, a wasteful son-in-law, is absolutely not eligible to participate in such major events as the member of Bai Family Council.

Especially, the person Mr. Bai hates most is also Shaun, this…

Paula, Yang Meifeng and others were stunned.


It made them even more shocked, just beginning.

“Sorry! No time!”


As soon as he said this, everyone including Harper couldn’t believe their ears.

This is summoned by the Grandpa.

Of the Bai family, who would dare not obey?

And Shaun said he was not free?

This guy is crazy!

For an instant, Harper’s expression was hard to look at. He stared at Shaun, his expression was full of warnings:

“Shaun, you have to think clearly! This is the grandfather summoned! I will invite it myself!”

“You don’t go now, don’t regret it!”

Harper spoke harshly.

In an instant, he made Paula’s heart chuckle. She didn’t know what kind of madness he was a trash son-in-law, and he even dared to refuse the call of the Mr. Bai.

Thinking of the terrible consequences, Paula immediately wanted to persuade Shaun.

But she hasn’t spoken yet!

Shaun’s cold voice came out:

“Please me?”

He looked at Harper, his expression was full of sarcasm and disdain:

“You are not qualified!”



Hearing this, Paula only felt black in front of her eyes, and Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao even dropped their jaws.

Arrogant and arrogant!

Shaun is really crazy to say that Harper, the future Bai family heir, is not qualified.

But Harper’s complexion was green and red.

He only felt that he was slapped in the face by Shaun, making him ashamed and angry:

“Okay! Shaun, you are arrogant enough! But I think how long you can be arrogant! Humph!”


Harper immediately flew away angrily.

Until he left, Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao were instantly ecstatic:

“Hahaha…Shaun, you’re an idiot! You’re done, you’re completely done! Reject Mr. Bai and humiliate Harper! Wait, Harper will definitely report all these things to you. When the time comes, let’s see how you die!”

“Yes! You are the first person who dared to refuse the Mr. Bai! Unfortunately, you are such an idiot!”

At this moment, the two of them are extremely happy.

And aside!

Paula’s face was pale and ashammed.

That’s it!

Bai Shan couldn’t come up with a plan, Shaun beat Yang Meifeng, rejected the old man, and humiliated Harper.

Paula can conclude that this time their family was evicted from the house, it is already a certainty.

At this moment, Shaun seemed to see Paula’s thoughts and couldn’t help but smile:

“Mom! Don’t worry! No one can drive us away!”

“Harper can’t, neither can the Grandpa!”


Hearing this, Paula was completely dumbfounded.

She couldn’t figure out why her son-in-law was emboldened.

Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao on the side wanted to laugh at them.

However, their words have not yet been exported!

clatter! clatter! clatter!

The sound of footsteps resounded again, but one after another, they hurriedly walked in.


White sea!


In the blink of an eye, almost all the core members of the Bai Group arrived.

It’s more than that!

Until the last old man walked in, Paula and others were completely shocked.

Exactly… Mr. Bai! ! !

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