Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

How… how could this be!

Bai Yan was stunned. She looked at the toilet paper full of words, and couldn’t accept the facts before her.

“Resurrection Pill? Is that guy’s prescription true?”

Puffs of sweat flowed from Bai Yan’s forehead.

That’s it!

She couldn’t even dream of it. Originally, Elvira’s family was almost certain to be expelled from the family. In the end it turned out to be herself, helping Elvira’s family reverse the situation.

Even Baishan took away the rights from her uncle Haibai and her father Shirakawa with this prescription.

But it’s more than that!

Elder Gao was holding the prescription, his excited palms were shaking, and he said to the old man:

“Grandpa, I… can I meet the person who wrote this prescription?”

This prescription has solved the difficult problem he has not solved in these years.

This makes Gao old grateful and admired.

He even couldn’t imagine what kind of person it was that could decipher all the prescriptions of the resurrection pill and describe it so accurately.

Heard this!

The Grandpa Bai would naturally not refuse, he flushed with excitement, and said to Elvira and Yan Yue:

“Elvira! Quick, call that waste… No, Shaun! Let him come by himself!”

Elvira’s head is still down at this moment.

After all, this all came too suddenly.

Just hearing this, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and then bit her scalp and said:

“Master… Grandpa! Shaun doesn’t have a mobile phone!”


Hearing this, everyone was taken aback.

no mobile phone?

What age is it now, even street beggars all have a mobile phone in their hands, but Shaun doesn’t have one.

At this moment, everyone remembered Shaun’s low status in the Bai family.

At the moment, the Grandpa was thinking slightly, and wanted to say something.

And the old man on the side quickly said:

“Mr. Bai, don’t call! Send someone to please! After all, no matter how Shaun got this prescription, it is definitely the Bai family’s first hero!”

Mr. Gao’s words made Mrs. Bai nod slightly.

Right now, he turned his eyes, looked at Harper, and said:

“Harper! Go and pick up Shaun!”

“Yes! Grandpa!” Harper’s complexion was full of complexity, but he could only nod his head, and then quickly left the main hall!

Looking at Harper’s figure, Elvira’s heart is full of flavours.

Even his wife did not expect that in her own family, she was about to be expelled from the house, but it would be her own useless husband, a handwritten thing, to reverse the situation and bring her glory and rights!

at the same time!

In Elvira’s home, the atmosphere is depressing and dull.

Mother-in-law Paula sat quietly on the sofa, her graceful face was almost dripping with gloom at the moment.

Opposite her, sat a middle-aged woman and a handsome young man.

The woman is Yang Meifeng, the wife of Erye Shirakawa.

The young man is the second aunt Yang Meifeng’s son-in-law, and Bai Yan’s husband Ma Zhitao!

At this moment, the second aunt Yang Meifeng stretched out her wrist, touched a delicate jade bracelet on it, and said triumphantly:

“Look, this is the white jade bracelet my son-in-law Zhitao bought for me. It was made by a famous jade craftsman! Only the cost of making it cost more than 100,000, plus the cost of white jade, which is a full five. Six hundred thousand!”

Show off!

Show off naked.

Paula felt that she was going crazy. This Yang Meifeng brought her son-in-law to the door from the morning, and she also showed off in front of her for a long time, which made her almost crazy.

“Oh! I persuaded the boy Zhitao not to buy me such an expensive thing, but he wouldn’t listen! No way, this is also a filial piety of my son-in-law after all!” Yang Meifeng was very happy.

Especially, the uglier Paula’s face, the happier she was.

Ma Zhitao on the side also quickly said:

“Mom! You are well maintained now! Only this white jade bracelet can be worthy of you!”

After speaking, Ma Zhitao couldn’t help looking at Paula and said with a smile:

“Third aunt, I think your maintenance is very good, so let Shaun also buy a pair of white jade bracelets for you!”

As Ma Zhitao spoke, he couldn’t help looking at Shaun who was mopping the ground, and his eyes were full of gloat.

And this sentence struck Paula’s heart even more.

It made her look more difficult to look.

“Gluck… Zhitao, not everyone is as promising as you! Shaun, you haven’t worked in the past few years, how can you have the money to buy a jade bracelet for your third aunt!” Yang Meifeng’s face bloomed with joy.

Turning his gaze, he looked at Shaun who was mopping the floor, full of contempt and ridicule:

“You said, what a big man can do for washing and mopping the floor all day long!”

“By the way, Zhitao, isn’t your company just taking a big order from the Bai Group? Why don’t you let Shaun help you out?”

Ma Zhitao is Bai Yan’s husband and Shirakawa’s son-in-law.

His company also relies on the big tree of Baishi Group.

Now that his career is booming, it has naturally become Yang Meifeng’s proudest thing.


Ma Zhitao made an embarrassed expression on his face, and then said:

“Ordinary work, I’m afraid Shaun won’t! At present, there is a job in the company that suits him! Third aunt, would you like to think about it!”

Heard this!

Paula couldn’t help but glanced at Shaun who was mopping the floor, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly, and she was even more angry:

“Go ahead! What position?”

“If it’s appropriate, let Shaun try!”

Paula shook her head, feeling extremely disappointed and sad for her son-in-law.

But at this moment!

“Let’s wash the toilet!”


This sentence made Paula stunned, and after reacting, the anger in her heart surged instantly.

“My third aunt, the employees of our company are all elites! Shaun can’t do it naturally! However, I think he mopped the floor so clean, he must wash the toilet, and he must wash it very clean!”

Ma Zhitao sneered, then shouted to Shaun:

“Shaun, how about it? Do you want to come to my company to wash the toilet? I will pay you 10,000 per month!”



Paula couldn’t think that Ma Zhitao was so excessive.

At the moment, she rubbed, stood up, and said angrily:

“The surname Ma, what do you mean! No matter how Shaun doesn’t stand up, he is my son-in-law, Paula! What are you, why humiliate him so much!”

The anger in Paula’s heart surged to the extreme.

Shaun is her son-in-law. To humiliate Shaun is to humiliate herself. How can she bear it?

Just saw this scene!

Second aunt Yang Meifeng giggled:

“I said, brothers and sisters, why are you angry? Besides, my son-in-law is not wrong! Shaun wants a diploma, but no diploma! He wants ability, no ability!”

“Let him wash the toilet, it is already a help! What’s more, pay him a salary of 10,000 yuan! Where can I find such a good thing!”

Yang Meifeng was gloating over misfortune.

And Ma Zhitao also said sarcastically:

“Third aunt, don’t be angry! According to me, Shaun actually doesn’t even have the qualification to wash the toilet for our company!”

“A rubbish who knows nothing! I let him wash the toilet, which is already pity him!”

That’s it!

The smile on Ma Zhitao’s face gradually became gloomy:

“Hehe… and, third aunt, don’t be too busy to refuse! Because after today, even if you are a family, if you ask to go to my company to wash the toilet, I may not take it in!”


“Ma Zhitao, what do you mean?” Paula’s face was pale.

And Ma Zhitao said with a smile:

“What do you mean, the third aunt should understand! This time the Bai Family Council, only the third uncle can’t come up with a plan to treat AS pneumonia! Your family, I am afraid that after today, you will be sleeping on the street!”

“So, now let your son-in-law Shaun kneel down and beg me, maybe I can be merciful and can give him this toilet job, how about it? Hahaha…”

Ma Zhitao laughed wildly.

And Yang Meifeng was also sneered and gloating.


At this moment, Paula only felt anger, which surged to her head, making her almost crazy.

Only then did she truly understand that these two people coming to her home is not as simple as showing off!

But… humiliation!

Paula trembled with anger, her teeth clenched.

It was just that before she waited for her seizures, she saw Shaun walking over while slowly dragging the ground.
He glanced at his grim-faced mother-in-law, and then said:

“Mom, does this person make you angry?”

pissed off?

Paula only felt that she was going to explode and nodded immediately.

Just saw this scene!

Ma Zhitao sneered, looked at Shaun provocatively, and said:

“What? Shaun, are you still trying to get ahead? I tell you, your mother is angry and completely, because you are a waste…”

Snapped! ! !

Before Ma Zhitao could finish speaking, he slapped his face severely.

Suddenly he staggered, completely confused.

But it’s more than that!

Shaun still looked at Paula and asked:

“Mom, are you still angry?”

Paula was dumbfounded.

Yang Meifeng was dumbfounded!

They also didn’t expect that Shaun, who had been silent, would do it without saying anything.

At this moment, Paula stared at all this blankly without any reaction.

“It seems you are still angry!”

Shaun nodded, then slapped again and slapped it down!


Pulled on Ma Zhitao’s face again, he immediately knocked out several teeth in his mouth, and a trace of blood flowed down the corner of his mouth!

“Mom, are you still angry?”


Another slap fell!

“Mom, are you still angry?”


Another slap in the face!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the hall was weird to the extreme.

Ma Zhitao looked like a dead dog, dragged by Shaun, slap after slap on his face.

His whole face was bloodied and his skin was ripped apart.

And Shaun, as if he was just hitting a fly, expressionless, he slapped his face again and again. Every time his slap fell, he would ask Paula if she was angry!

At this moment, Paula and Yang Meifeng could hardly believe their eyes.

Is this… still the cowardly and deceiving Shaun?

Is this still the trash son-in-law who is laughed at and ridiculed every day?

The two only saw that Ma Zhitao was in Shaun’s hands without the slightest strength to fight back, just like a fool whose head was stopped.

The blood is flowing, and the skin is open!

Snapped! ! !

Until another loud slap came.

Paula was just a rousing spirit, and her expression changed greatly after a thorough reaction:

“Shaun, stop!”


Shaun was taken aback, then nodded:

“Well, my mother forgive you!”

With that, he threw Ma Zhitao on the ground like a dead dog.

Then, as if he was okay, he picked up the mop again and continued to drag the stains on the floor.

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