Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Jason still nodded.

Seongnam Montessori Kindergarten!

Derek looked at the super luxurious kindergarten with stars shining in his eyes. “It turns out that the kindergarten for the children of rich people is like this?”

When Derek entered the kindergarten, several classmates passed by him. When they saw Derek, they thought that Derek was the cowardly, weak and deceitful war son.

They laughed at him deliberately, “Look, that autism is here again.”

Derek was very angry. It turned out that they usually abused Jason in this way.

Jason is his brother, and he does not allow anyone to bully Jason.

Derek rushed to accuse them angrily, “Apologize to me!”

Several children laughed happily. One of the children was very sturdy, one head taller than the others, and he stepped forward and pushed Derek hard. He also threatened Derek with impudent words: “The accuser, if you want us to apologize, just get under me.”

Derek practiced taekwondo since he was a child, and his body was steady. The chubby man pushed him, and he didn’t move.

If Jason encounters such a situation, he will be impatient, and he just wants to escape the dark chaotic scene as soon as possible.

But the more he wanted to escape, the more these children thought he was bullying.

This creates a vicious circle-Jason will pester him as long as he goes to school. In the long run, there will be a feeling of being tired of learning.

Derek is not a war dead, he has a lively personality, loves to fight and make trouble, and is most afraid of going to school.

Fat Dun walked in front of Derek, opened his legs, pointed down, and ordered Derek, “Actually, go through it. I won’t trouble you today.”

Derek dropped his schoolbag on the ground.

The group of children thought he was going to get under the fat pier, and they clapped and cheered one by one. “Drill, drill, drill…”

However, Derek swept his legs and tripped the chubby to the ground. The chubby dun was thrown on his back, and immediately started crying.

Seeing that the boss was being bullied, his little brothers all gathered around, and Derek greeted them with his fists in a one-to-five manner, and kicked them into tears.

Derek coolly picked up the schoolbag and threatened them: “I didn’t fight back before, not because I was afraid of you, but I didn’t want to fight with you. In the future, if you dare to scold me, I will do it. You, do not tell the teacher, I will use my fist to solve you.”

The group of children were bruised and swollen by Derek, but one by one went to the teacher crying.

Derek stuck his tongue out at them, “Who is the accuser?”

He vented a nasty breath for Jason today, and see if these little overlords dare to bully Jason in the future.

Derek was quickly called to the office by the teacher.

The snobbish teacher only knows that their children are not only wealthy, but also powerful. Therefore, the “War Sui” who entered the school as a “civilian” is extremely selfless.

“Jason, why are you fighting?” The teacher criticized Derek sternly.

When Derek was still orgagirlng the wording, he heard the teacher sigh and humiliate him in a very low voice, “Students with this kind of problem are in trouble.”

“Jason, call your parents and call your parents to the kindergarten.” The teacher made the decision to invite the parents.

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