Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

When Jason came to the entrance of the CapitaLand Mall near the villa, Derek rushed towards him on a scooter. “War Sui!”

When Jason saw Derek, Bingshan’s paralyzed face was slightly relieved.

Derek stopped in front of him, and couldn’t wait to tell Jason about his plan. “Jason, we first go to the bathroom to change clothes, then I go to your kindergarten, you go to my kindergarten, after school, I will go back to Haitian Yise, and you will return to Fairview City. In this way, Daddy and Mommy will not be able to find us. It was dropped.”

“Splendid City?”

When Jason heard this familiar name, the ip address of the hacker Han Ye who had captured Media Asia flashed in his mind, and he had an epiphany.

“Are you Han Ye?”

Derek smiled embarrassedly, “Daddy bullied Mommy, I just punished Daddy for Mommy a little.”

“Naive.” Jason said coolly.

Derek pulled Jason to the bathroom, and said to please Jason, “Jason, can you tell Daddy about my punishment of Daddy? If Daddy knows about my mischief, he will definitely not Will like me.”

Jason was also very loyal and promised, “Yes.”

Derek sighed sincerely, “Jason, I am very happy to have a brother like you.”

Jason was slightly startled, and it was the first time he heard a child express his affection for him.

The two changed their clothes and Jason wore a grass-green t-shirt with an armor warrior pattern and slim jeans. Wearing a peaked cap, he looks full of hip-hop. Coupled with his cold expression, it really feels like a superstar inexplicably.

Derek was wearing a white shirt, black trousers, and Cheng Liang’s little leather shoes. With his flowing soft hair, he looked like a little prince from a comic, noble and elegant.

The two children looked at each other with an inexplicable sense of joy.

Derek’s character is open, with emotions and sorrows written on his face, he grinned, revealing neat and white millet teeth.

Jason knew how to hide his emotions, and looked like a smile. Derek couldn’t help teasing him, “Laugh as long as you want, why are you holding back?”

A faint, imperceptible smile appeared on Jason’s face.

Derek especially told Jason, “By the way, there is one thing I forgot to tell you. You go to my kindergarten. In principle, teachers and classmates will not recognize you. But Faith is different, she Smarter than other classmates and know me very well, you will talk more and smile more when you see her, otherwise you will be perverted.”

“Who is Faith?” Jason frowned.

Let him talk more, laugh more than kill him.

But Derek said, “Faith is our sister.”

“younger sister?”

“I forgot to tell you that we are actually not twins, we are triplets. I and you should be identical twins, Faith and us are fraternal twins. So we two look like daddy, and Faith look like Mommy.” Derek explained.

Jason was struck by lightning, and said in shock, “triplets?”

Derek nodded, “Well. Faith is Mommy’s number one fan. It’s best not to let her know about our identity exchange. Because between Daddy and Mommy, she will definitely support mom indiscriminately. mum.”

Jason said, “Yeah.”

After Derek finished his explanation, he waved goodbye to Jason, “Then I will go. Jason, goodbye.”

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