Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Jason looked at Jacob, “Will you let her come?”

Jacob stood up, walked in front of Jason, trying to reason with Jason, “Jason, there is a kid in Aunt Luo’s family, and the children also need Aunt Luo to take care of her. You are obedient, Daddy will find you a better one. Your aunt will take care of you, okay?”

Jason shook his head excitedly, “No.” The tears in his eyes began to swirl.

Jacob hugged Jason into his arms, gently calming the emotions that Jason was about to collapse, “Jas, Daddy find you a mommy, okay?”

“No.” Jason suddenly pushed Jacob away, turned and ran to the outside garden.

The omnipotent Jacob gave birth to a sense of powerlessness for the first time.

Jason wants Mommy. If Grace is a qualified and competent mom, maybe he can persuade himself to give up personal grievances and fulfill Jason? But Grace was lying and had so many taints on her body, how could he let a woman like her approach Jason?

Maybe, she approached Jason for money? If she achieves her goal, she pats her butt and leaves, just as she did in the past, wouldn’t Jason suffer more damage?

Jason sat on the swing, crying silently.

Jacob sighed helplessly when he saw Jason’s pitiful appearance.

At the same time, Fairview City.

Since Grace entered the house, she seemed to have lost her soul, doing everything she did was absent-minded.

Cooking noodles for the child, she forgot to add salt.

When washing the dishes, she forgot to boil water.

Looking at the desperate mother, Derek secretly made up his mind that he must help her return to the sea and the sky.

He hid in his own room and secretly sent a text message to Jason: Jason, I want to see Daddy, and tell him not to fire Mommy. You exchange identities with me, okay? “

When Jason received Derek’s text message, he felt as if he had been reborn, his wrinkled face stretched out, “Okay.”

Derek exchanges identities with him, then he can see Mommy. Derek can also see Daddy.

“Tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning, I will wait for you at the gate of CapitaMall near your home, see or leave.”

“it is good.”

With his arms in his arms, Jacob looked at his son’s face with interest, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

Eyes locked on the child’s phone watch, did he contact Grace? So happy to be like this?

When Jacob walked over to check his son’s secrets, Jason had deleted the chat history between him and Derek. Seeing Jacob staring at his watch, he handed the watch to Jacob generously.

Jacob smiled, “Jason, do you want Daddy to restore the deleted chat history for you?”

Jason’s hand immediately retracted, put the watch into his pocket, and said coolly, “Sleep.” Then he went into the room to sleep.

Jason’s reaction allowed Jacob to confirm his speculation.

Did he chat with Grace just now?

There was a sense of frustration in Jacob’s heart. He raised Jason for five years, but he was settled by his mother in less than five days?

When Jacob returned to the children’s room, Jason had already slept soundly.

Jacob condensed his eyebrows. The man who was still fighting against him just now was coaxed to obey him by a text message from Grace?

Jacob shook his head. Tomorrow he has to teach his son, what is meant by “the rich cannot win, the poor cannot be moved, the mighty cannot be succumbed”!

The next day.

When Jacob was still thinking about who should send his little ancestor to school today, he saw Jason walking out carrying his little schoolbag, and the little adult seemed to have to report to him, “I will go to school by myself in the future.”

When Jacob was still in shock, Jason opened the door and walked outside.

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