Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Grace watched Rolls-Royce go away, tears falling down.

Jacob misunderstood her completely, and he forbade her to appear in front of Jason again, obviously he was cruelly cutting off the connection between their mother and child.

When Derek came out of the kindergarten, he saw Mommy’s shoulder twitching, which made him cry.

Derek hurried over to comfort Mommy, “Mommy, what’s the matter with you?”

Faith complained to her brother with righteous indignation, “Brother, Mommy’s boss just came here, he fired Mommy, and Mommy is unemployed.”

Derek’s face is pale, isn’t Mommy’s boss just Jason’s father?

Mommy is unemployed, doesn’t it mean Mommy will never see the war again?

No wonder Mommy cried so sad.

Grace with red eyes, holding a child in one hand, walked towards Fairview City.

Derek looked at Mommy’s red eyes, and his longing for Daddy’s beauty was a little bit obliterated.

Daddy only knows to make mommy cry, he doesn’t want such a Daddy.


But at night, Derek suddenly received a call from Jason.

Jason was silent on the microphone for a long time, he was not good at words.

Derek took the initiative to speak, “Do you miss Mommy?”

“Yeah.” Jason hesitated for a long time and nodded.

Derek exclaimed, “But I don’t want Daddy at all, because he bullied Mommy today.” Hum, then hung up angrily.

Jason looked at the phone and watch in a daze.

When Jacob opened the door and came in, he saw Jason staring at the phone watch blankly. The screen of the phone watch flashed blue.

This surprised Jacob, because Jason didn’t charge his phone and watch for a long time.

“Jason, who do you want to call?”

Jacob came over, pulled a chair and sat in front of Jason.

Jason looked at him, thinking of Derek’s words that Daddy had bullied Mommy, Jason’s eyes became inexplicably angry.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jason angrily threw the phone and watch aside, then climbed onto the bed and put on the quilt to pretend to sleep.

It was the first time that Jason showed such an unfriendly feeling to Daddy, which made Jacob feel surprised and disappointed.

“Jason, did Daddy come back late today, so you are angry?” Jacob showed his patience and communicated with Jason.

However, Jason covered his face under the quilt and refused to communicate with him.

Jacob patted Jason’s head, and said helplessly, “Well, when do you want to talk to Daddy. Come to me again.”

Jacob came to the study, turned on the computer, and just turned on the working mode, the door of the study was opened by Jason.

Jacob raised his head and looked at the small figure, with a smile of relief at the corner of his mouth.

Jason was standing by the door, sullen faintly appeared on that handsome face, clenched fists seemed to challenge Daddy.

Jacob frowned.

“Tomorrow, I want Grace to send me to school.” Jason took a lot of effort before speaking out what was in his heart.

Jacob applauded him, “Yes, there is progress. More and more words are spoken.”

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