Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Faith was shocked by his actions, holding the money at a loss.

Jacob added, “Uncle is not short of money.” The implied meaning is not to sell children.

Faith returned the money to Jacob, and apologized in a small voice, “I’m sorry, uncle, I won’t call you uncle trafficker in the future. I don’t want this money.”

Jacob was very surprised that such a small child knew how to avoid food from coming.

Grace couldn’t even breathe smoothly from the moment he saw Jacob. “Faith, Uncle is now Mommy’s boss, you go to play there, Mommy talks to him.”

Hearing that it was Mommy’s boss, Faith immediately negotiated with Jacob, “Uncle, can you not assign so much work to my mommy? My mommy is so tired.”

Jacob didn’t want to admit that he was a little jealous of Grace, and that this woman had such an enviable little padded jacket.

However, he was very angry in his heart, and sternly refused Faith, “Uncle doesn’t have a lot of work, but your mommy is clumsy.”

Faith doesn’t like others saying that Mommy is not good, and rolls his eyes at Jacob, “Mommy is right, the nature of capitalists is to squeeze laborers’ labor to the maximum.”

Jacob’s face froze.

But seeing Faith roll hereyes, Jacob was lost for a moment.

This skill, he once saw a person do it.

That person is Irene.

When Irene made this expression, it was like a naughty child whose heart was melted by her.

Grace panicked and pulled Faith aside, “Faith, you can’t be rude to your uncle. Mommy and uncle have important things to talk about, and you can’t disturb the adults talking about business.”

In front of mommy, Faith turned into an angel baby and nodded nicely.

Grace returned to Jacob’s side, the anxiety on her face was seen by Jacob, it was an endless guilty conscience.

“Grace, this is your daughter?” Jacob’s mouth twitched.

Grace also didn’t expect that Jacob, who was always in charge, would personally investigate her. Was this person so idle?

Grace nodded.

Jacob leaned over and put his mouth to her ear.

Grace was so nervous that her whole body was tightened into a bow, and the devil’s voice penetrated her eardrums, “Grace, didn’t you swear to love me at the beginning? After divorcing me, she remarried and gave birth so soon. Daughter, you are really hungry (thirsty) for men.”

Grace looked at Jacob with complicated eyes. This man was smart or clever, but unfortunately his vision was not good.

He couldn’t recognize his own daughter in front of him?


It seems that he can’t be blamed, who made Faith avoid Daddy’s genetic growth? It’s like Derek and Jas avoiding Mommy’s genes, there is no trace of the other person at all.


Jacob’s straight and stalwart body spit out two words from his thin and charming lips.

Grace shrank herelf into a quail, not speaking and quibbling.

I’m afraid to say too many mistakes!

Jacob glanced at her coldly and said loudly, “In the future, don’t let Jason see you again.”

Grace was able to pretend to be a grandson a second ago, but at this moment she held the hand of Jacob in a low voice, begging, “Master Zhan-Jas needs Mommy -“

Jacob slapped her hand away in disgust, “No need!” After speaking, he strode into the car.

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