Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

After Grace took Jason home and settled down, she immediately called Jacob.

“Hey, Jason, Jason has gone home. The child suffered a lot of grievances at school today, I hope you can face the problem of Jas’s resistance to school…”

Grace told him about the situation of Jason with a heart and soul, but only halfway through it, he was interrupted by Jacob, “Grace, it is not your turn to teach me how to manage my own children.”

Declaring the child’s sovereignty is obvious.

Grace sighed helplessly.

“You can go back, I’ll be there later.” Jacob hung up after speaking.

Then he told Guan Xiao, “Park the car beside.”

After a while, Grace walked out of the Zhan Family’s villa carrying her handbag. She looked hurried and walked to the bus stop.

Jacob was about to get out of the car, and when he saw Grace hurriedly walking, he changed his mind and said to Guan Xiao, “Follow her.”

About forty to fifty minutes later, Grace appeared at the gate of Chengbei Experimental Kindergarten.

Rolls Royce stopped not far away from her.

When the school bell rang, the children lined up in an orderly manner.

Faith saw Mommy from a distance, waving her arms with excitement, and ran towards Mommy quickly. “Mummy!”

Grace opened her arms and Faith slammed into her arms.

“Mummy, did your boss embarrass you today and let you leave work on time?”

Grace nodded happily, “Yes.”

Faith cheered with joy. It seems that Derek went to negotiate with Mommy’s boss, which is very useful!

In the Rolls-Royce car, Jacob’s eyes were locked on the child’s cute face.

The round face, jewel-black eyes, tall and straight nose, white skin, looks as delicate as a porcelain doll.

Jacob was inexplicably sour, “Can Grace give birth to such a lovely daughter?”

Guan Xiao: “…”

Inwardly, since Grace can give birth to such a cool and handsome baby as Jason, why can’t he give birth to a beautiful daughter?

Jacob looked at Faith for a long time, but he couldn’t bear to look away. After a while, he opened his mouth. Isn’t this little bun the same little girl I saw at the airport that day?

It turns out that she is Grace’s daughter.

So, the strange woman I met at the airport that day was Grace, right?

Grace really did everything to avoid him!

Guan Xiao looked at Faith’s face that looked exactly like Grace, and couldn’t help putting wax on Grace in his heart.

Ms. Luo really remarried other men after divorcing the president and gave birth to children. With the president’s paranoid cleanliness, I’m afraid it is difficult to accept this matter, right?

The end of Grace is probably coming!

Jacob’s face was sullen and he pushed the car door, and walked in front of Grace’s mother and daughter in three or two steps.

Seeing this cold-faced handsome uncle, Faith immediately cried out in horror, “Mummy, uncle trafficker…”

Jacob’s handsome face was immediately covered with black lines.

He took out his wallet, drew out a large stack of banknotes and stuffed it into Faith’s hand, then reminded Faith angrily, “From now on, I will not be called a trafficker.”

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