Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

This time, Jason nodded obediently!

He didn’t want Mommy to think he was a bad boy.

After Grace sent Jason to the school, Jason also entered the school gate very well.

Grace was a little confused, why is this kid so behaved today? He listens to what she says?

Only in the afternoon, Grace went to the kindergarten to meet Sui Su and went home.

As soon as Jason came out of the kindergarten, Grace almost cried.

Jason’s clean white t-shirt was either mud or ink, and there were many traces of bullying by other classmates on his face. There were many long nail prints with blood stains, and there were cracked wounds on the lips with bright red blood oozing.

When Jason saw Grace, he dodged aside. He clearly didn’t want her to see his embarrassment.

Grace ran up and hugged Jason in her arms, “Jason!”

She held Jason tightly, tears rolling in her eyes.

Jason looked at Grace. When he was even more embarrassed at school before, he had never seen anyone cry for him. The employees and women of Daddy said that it is normal for children to fight.

“Does it hurt?” Grace asked, raising a pair of teary eyes.

Jason shook his head and said, “It doesn’t hurt, they hurt even more.”

Is this showing off that you have beaten others?

But Grace was even more sad. Jason was talking about them. It was obvious that the kid who bullied him was not alone.

“Does the teacher know?” Grace asked.

Jason nodded, “I criticized them.”

Grace walked back holding Jason!

Jason lay on her shoulders, enjoying the warmth of maternal love for the first time, and the exhausted Jason fell asleep on her shoulders.

From the kindergarten to the sea and sky, the distance is not far or near, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk.

But Grace didn’t call a car. She even enjoyed the feeling of holding Jason, as if she had all the sense of security.

A Rolls-Royce of silver angels has been behind Grace since then. The man in the back seat was extremely precious, with eagle-like eyes staring at Grace for an instant.

In the driver’s seat, Guan Xiao was puzzled.

“President, this young master does not k!ss any of us. If we take him to and from school, the young master will be very resentful. Why does Miss Luo pick him up so he doesn’t cry?”

Jacob is also frowning on this question.

Guan Xiao sighed, “Is this the legendary mother and son connecting heart?”

Jacob glanced at Guan Xiao coldly, and Guan Xiao hurriedly corrected his words, “Bah, baah, how can the young master be connected with Miss Luo’s mother and son? The person who raised him with hard work is the president. It’s right for the president and his son to connect their hearts.”

Although I don’t want to admit that Grace and Jason get along very harmoniously, the facts speak louder than words.

Jacob stared at Guan Xiao with deep resentment, “What bad idea did you make? Are you taking revenge on Grace?”

Guan Xiao looked at the picture of Grace and Jason’s mother and son’s filial piety, and laughed.

“Sorry, President.”

“Give you a chance to redeem your merits.” Jacob said coldly.

Guan Xiao nodded and bowed quickly: “Yes, President, I must find a way to make Miss Luo’s life uncomfortable!”

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