Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Derek suddenly panicked and quickly crawled under the bed to hide.

Seeing that he was hiding, Jason walked over to open the door, looking at Jacob without expression on his cool face.

Jacob looked at Bingshan’s paralyzed son suspiciously and frowned. Wasn’t this guy’s expression very vivid just now?

Rubbing Jason’s soft black hair, Jacob bid farewell to his son.

“Daddy went to work. Auntie will take you to school. It’s okay, right?”

There was an expression of resistance in Jason’s eyes, but he nodded obediently, “Huh!”

Jacob looked at the resistance in Jason’s eyes, recalling what Grace had said to him, the kindergarten children and parents might not be friendly to Jason, and Jacob’s heart sounded a warning bell.

He suddenly squatted down and asked Jason very seriously, “Tell daddy, don’t you like going to kindergarten?”

Jason turned his head and was silent.

Jacob sighed weakly, and every time he communicated these issues with Jason, Jason responded to him with such indifference.

And he always thought that with his position of power, no one would provoke his son to death.

But he clearly forgot that, in order to let Jason live an ordinary life as a child, he did not submit the real file of Jason to the kindergarten at all.

When Jacob came down from the second floor, Grace had already packed the toys in the play area in an orderly manner. Turning the head to see Jacob standing behind her with a sullen face, Grace was startled.

“Master Zhan, what else do you have?” Grace asked with lingering fear.

“Grace, stop using your hypocritical maternal love to influence Jason, you will only make him worse.” Jacob gritted his teeth.

The uncertainty of Jason made it difficult for him to follow.

Grace said, “Isn’t Jason’s performance very good today? He said a lot more than usual?”

Jacob lowered his voice and roared, “He behaved like a patient today. This is all thanks to you. Grace, turn around to settle the account with you.” Jacob left a cruel remark and leaned forward go with.

When Grace heard the word “fine division”, her whole body was frightened.

Jason is also her precious son, and of course she hopes that Jason will develop in a positive way. If her appearance makes the child’s mental illness worse, she cannot forgive herself.


Grace ran upstairs in a panic.

Derek was frightened by the sound of Mommy going upstairs.

“Jason, I must go now.”

After Derek finished speaking, he crawled out of the window, and Jason followed him and asked him, “Give me your contact information!”

“Okay.” Derek said his phone number, Jason remembered it in his heart.

“Boom boom boom!”

There was a knock on the door.

Jason carefully closed the window, walked to the door and opened it.

Grace looked at Jason who had recovered his cool and handsome facial expression, and finally understood why Jacob suspected the child’s precision.

Jason raised his eyes and looked at Grace, which was different from the cold and indifference of the past. Today’s eyes were more probing.

It turns out that Grace is the mummy he thinks about day and night!

“Jas, Daddy asked me to send you to school.” Grace was really unwilling to send Jason to school deep down, but due to the power of Jacob, she had to obey.

But in terms of expression, she still let Jacob be a villain.

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