Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Jacob’s eyes staring at Grace almost burst into flames.

However, he had to praise his son, “You are great.”

Derek received daddy’s compliment and immediately asked daddy happily, “So, can Grace stay?”

“No.” Jacob replied decisively.

Grace knew Jacob’s concerns, she stood up and defended herself, “These two poems, I didn’t teach Jason.”

Jacob must have thought that she had tried her best to publicize the greatness of maternal love with Jason in order to recognize her in the future.

When Derek saw Mommy’s panicked expression, he realized that she was self-defeating.

These two poems celebrate maternal love.

No wonder Daddy is unhappy.

Derek said, “Daddy, don’t you draw conclusions so early? You can still test my other things!”

Jacob looked at the abnormal “Jason”, “What have you learned in the past two days?”

Derek saw the piano next to him and walked to the piano to play a piano piece of “Father”.

Jacob was shocked at the same place.

Jason hates playing the piano the most. The teacher who taught him the piano commented that Jason is a child prodigy: learning music is super fast, but he just doesn’t want to take the initiative to practice.

So apart from the teacher’s class time, the piano is not heard at any other time in the house.

Grandparents wanted to listen to Jason’s piano practice, but all kinds of incentives ended in failure.

But today, “Jason” took the initiative to play the piano for him for such a long time.

“Who taught you this?”

Jacob remembered that there was no such piece in Jason’s piano tutorial.

Derek pointed to Grace, “She.”

Grace’s eyes widened with surprise. She had never taught Jason to play the piano. Why did this kid lie?

But she has taught Derek and Faith the piano.

Jacob fell into a long time of thinking.

“Jason”‘s abnormal performance today surprised him very much. There is no doubt that this is the effect of Grace.

Seeing that Daddy was still hesitating, Derek ran over and snorted affectionately on Jacob’s face. “Daddy, do you agree?”

Jacob Wannian’s iceberg face almost cracked in an instant.

Derek is both close to him and love-talk offensive, “Daddy, I know you love me the most. You will agree to whatever I want, right?”

Jacob almost nodded unexpectedly.

Derek cheered with joy, “Daddy, you are so kind.”

Then he ran upstairs in a hurry, ready to share the joyful news with Jason.

“War Sui!”

After Derek entered Jason’s room, he shouted in a low voice.

Jason crawled out of the closet and saw Derek speak to him with joy.


Jason looked at Derek, the expression on his face was a little hard to say, and said, “You said so much just now.”

Derek smiled embarrassedly, “If I don’t try my best to express myself, Daddy will fire Mommy.”

Jason said, “It’s easy to show up.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a knock on the door, and the mellow voice of Jacob’s cello rang.

“War Sui!”

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